Finance Your Equipment at Reynolds

At Reynolds, we partner with John Deere Financial to finance your equipment purchases. As a result, this opportunity allows you to pay for your equipment in increments that are best for you. You can make this decision for a variety of reasons, such as optimizing cash flow or convenience. Also, it allows you to ensure that you have the best equipment to meet your needs As soon as you are approved, you can arrange the pick up of your equipment. Then, you can start your monthly payments. We even offer financing with as low as 0% APR and payment options up to 84 months on select lawn and garden equipment. Below are the options for financing for lawn and garden equipment:

Compact & Utility Tractors

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Compact tractors are between 22.4 and 65.9 horsepower tractors. These pieces of equipment can complete a variety of tasks including, but not limited to: yard work, landscaping, and small farm jobs. In contrast, utility tractors range from 45 to 250 horsepower tractors. These tractors are also used for a variety of jobs, such as working livestock and snow removal. Shop Reynolds compact tractors here and our utility tractors here. Models include:

  • 22.4 – 24.2 HP tractors or Series 1
  • 24.2 – 36.7 HP tractors or Series 2
  • 24.7 – 45.3 HP tractors or Series 3
  • 43.1 – 65.9 HP tractors or Series 4
  • 45 – 125 HP tractors or Series 5
  • 105 – 250 HP tractors or Series 6
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Gator Utility Vehicles

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Gators have a variety of purposes, including:

  • Farming and Ranching
  • Trail Riding, Fishing, and Hunting
  • Property Management
  • Golf
  • Job Site/Construction
  • Transportation

Shop Reynolds Gators here.

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Residential Mowers

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Shop Reynolds selection of residential mowers here. Residential mowers include:

  • Riding Lawn Tractors
  • Z300 Series Zero Turn Mowers
  • Z500 Series Zero Turn Mowers
  • Z700 Series Zero Turn Mowers
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Commercial Mowers

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Shop Reynolds selection of commercial mowers here. Commercial mowers include:

  • ZTrak 900 Series Zero Turn Mowers
  • QuikTrak Stand-On Mowers
  • Commercial Walk-Behind Mowers
  • Front Mowers
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Small Equipment

Reynolds also includes financing for other smaller products that we sell. This type of financing include categories such as parts, handheld equipment, generators, walk-behind mowers, tillers, and other attachments. Certainly, contact your local Reynolds dealer to receive more information about financing these items. Additionally, see our different Reynolds locations by clicking here.

Finance Your Equipment at Reynolds

Financing Application

To clarify, by clicking the apply for financing links, you will be redirected to John Deere Financials secure online application. Reynolds Farm Equipment will follow up with you once we have been notified of your application results. However, if you are not approved, our team has additional financing resources and is willing to help you with your application.