R160 Disc Mower

  • Easy-to-attach 3-point hitch tractor hookup
  • High-clearance frame and suspension
  • Disc quill easy to remove for serviceability
  • Easy-to-attach 3-point hitch Easy-to-attach 3-point hitch

    The R160 and R200 Mowers attach to tractors with a Category 1 and 2, 3-point hitch. The R160 and R200 are not quick-hitch compatible.


    The R160 and R200 models rely on the parking stand to hold up 3-point hitch arms to ensure easy hook up to the tractor.

    Adjustable lower hitch pins Adjustable lower hitch pins

    Lower hitch pins can be adjusted left or right to match the mower offset for tractors with wider tire spacing. The R160 and R200 models have an offset range of 172 mm (7 in.).


     Cutting arc provides a wide range of cutting angles

  • Rotary disc cutterbar Rotary disc cutterbar

    A multi-V-belt drive system transfers power from the gearbox to each rotary disc.

    Power is transmitted to the rotary discs through fully enclosed gears running in oil for a quiet, smooth, reliable operation.


    All models have a spring-loaded belt tensioner for easier belt adjustment. The belt tension automatically compensates for initial belt stretch, increasing belt life.

    High-speed rotary discs High-speed rotary discs

    Rotating at 2986 rpm, the high-speed discs cut in the toughest conditions.

    The low-profile cutterbar allows a close cut while maintaining a level cutterbar. The cutting height is controlled by adjusting the tilt of the cutterbar.

    Each disc has two free-swinging knives:

    • Easy to remove and replace
    • Two cutting edges, doubling the use life
  • Removable quill Removable quill

    The cutterbar is protected from severe impact should an object be struck.

    • Disc drive-shaft shears
    • Reduces chance of internal damage to cutterbar
    • Improves cutterbar reliability

    Disc quills are easily removed from the top of the cutterbar for improved serviceability.


    Each disc has two free-swinging knives:

    • Easy to remove and replace
    • Two cutting edges, doubling the use life
    • Swings away to reduce possible damage if a solid object is struck
  • Heavy floatation spring Heavy floatation spring

    The disc mowers use the hydraulic cylinder to lift the cutterbar from the cutting position to the transport position, where the cutterbar automatically locks into place.


    The R160 and R200 have a cutting arc of +35 degrees to -22 degrees.


    A heavy spring establishes even flotation along the full length of the cutterbar in a variety of different field conditions and topography.


    Cutting arc provides a wide range of cutting angles


  • k



  • Number of disks

    Number of knives

    Width of cut
    1.6 m
    5.25 ft

    Transport width

    420 kg
    925 lb

    Disk speed
    2986 rpm

    Cutting speed

    Cutting arc
    +35 to -22 degree (angle)

    Lift system

    Minimum PTO HP
    22 kW
    30 hp

    PTO speed
    540 rpm




    Sickle speed

    Knife drive

    PTO drive

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