320R Loader

  • Compatible with 3R Series Tractors
  • Quik-Park™ mounting system for efficient attachment and removal
  • Quik-Change attachment carrier makes it easier and faster to move from chore to chore
  • 1,122 pounds (509 kg) lift capacity

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  • Quik-Park loader mounting systemQuik-Park loader mounting system

    Quik-Park™ equipped loaders are designed for easy removal and mounting to and from the tractor without tools.

    The parking stand, attached to the front frame of the tractor, is an integral part of the loader during loader operation.

    The parking stand lowers into position by moving the joystick to the raised position once the latches are opened. This allows the loader to move to the parked position.

  • Quik-change attachment carrierQuik-change attachment carrier

    Allows fast, easy removal/mounting of attachments without tools.


  • Close up of grease fittingClose up of grease fitting
    Pivot point grease fitting locationsPivot point grease fitting locations

    All pivot points on the loader have grease fittings that are accessible from the side of the loader to make greasing the loader much easier, ensuring that all grease points are more likely to be serviced. No more searching for grease points that are hard to find. Removing the grease gun from the grease fitting or zerk is not a problem either as sufficient radius has been left to allow the grease gun tip to be rotated to the side for removal from the fitting or zerk.

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