Useful Tips on Using a John Deere Gator this Spring

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Considering the investment of a John Deere Gator Utility Vehicle? If so, it’s likely you already have a specific purpose in mind for the Gator. Whether it’s moving mulch and lawn debris, spreading fertilizer, or just visiting the neighbors down the road, the John Deere Gator is guaranteed to be the new workhorse of your property.

Here are five useful tips on how you can use a John Deere Gator in the spring:

  1. Storm Clean Up
    Spring is quickly approaching, which also means thunderstorms and flooding. The cargo box (also known as a bed) is the perfect size for picking up a yard full of fallen tree limbs and debris. The XUV models can haul up to 1,000lb – that’s a lot of yard debris! Discarding the limbs in a burn pile is effortless with the electric dump. Plus, the added 3rd seat is perfect for bringing along an extra set of hands.a
  2. Camping
    Are you a remote area camper? Or maybe you enjoy camping in the backyard? Haul all of the necessities in the cargo box for easy transportation no matter the location. Keep food and drinks cold and protected from wildlife in the storage compartment under the seat of the new full-size XUV Series.  There are no worries about night driving, as Gators Light Kits serve as the perfect light source while camping and driving.
  3. Landscaping
    Save time and your back when moving paving stones, mulch, dirt, flowers, and plants using a John Deere Gator. With attachments like grass seeders, sprayers, and blades, you are sure to have a well-manicured lawn and landscape for all seasons.
  4. Fence Building
    Building a fence can be a time consuming and difficult task, especially if it’s for a pasture or large property. The gator is perfect for storing tools under the bench and hauling concrete fence posts in the cargo box.  When the weather is too hot to stand, the new factory installed cabs are complete with heat AND air conditioning. The level of comfort in the new full-size XUV series Gators is unmatched.
  5. Trail Riding
    Enjoy trail riding? Four-wheel independent suspension makes for excellent ride and handling. A quiet and comfortable operator station with power steering makes you feel comfortable when you are hitting top speeds with balanced acceleration.
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