How to choose between a Zero Turn and a Lawn Tractor

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It’s not how well you mow, it’s how well you mow fast. Sound familiar? You have likely heard this in a John Deere commercial while watching the NCAA tournament or your favorite show this spring and summer. This clever line may have you thinking – how much time could I save mowing if I purchased a zero turn? While there is no replacement for expert advice, here is a quick list to guide your decision on whether a zero turn or a lawn tractor is best for you.

  1. Time

    Do you enjoy mowing or is mowing your least favorite summer chore? The biggest advantage to a zero turn compared to a lawn tractor is time. A zero turn can cut grass almost twice as fast as a lawn tractor at a speed of up to 12 mph. It can also maneuver around trees, flower beds, and other obstacles in your yard faster and easier than a lawn tractor.

  2. Versatility

    There is an array of attachments available for lawn tractors to tackle more yard chores than just mowing. Snow blowers, front and rear blades, pull behind carts & sprayers, tillers and rotary brooms are just a few of the attachments that are available for lawn tractors and not zero turn mowers. A zero turn can and will do one job well – mowing. A lawn tractor is more versatile and can be used for various tasks with the right attachments.

  3. Terrain

    A zero turn may be better for mowing on slight slopes and inclines, because it is wider and sits lower to the ground than a lawn tractor. If you have a lot of obstacles to mow around like trees, a zero turn will maneuver around obstacles faster and easier than a lawn tractor.

I own a John Deere Z435 zero turn with a 54-inch deck, and I have not regretted selecting it over a lawn tractor. I live on 2.5 acres and don’t like to spend a lot of time mowing. Lately I have been mowing my yard twice a week due to the amount of rainfall we have received.

Need help deciding what type of mower is best for you? Contact one of our lawn and garden experts to help guide your decision. Call or stop by your nearest Reynolds Farm Equipment location to talk with a member of our team.

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