Fall Tillage: What to do during a wet Harvest

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The persistent rains this Harvest have made an impact on soil conditions, and the wet conditions throughout Harvest have led to compaction and ruts.

Don’t make a bad situation worse by performing deep tillage on wet soils. This destroys soil structure and can cause deeper compaction layers than those created by the harvest operations. A ripped field looks good from the road when completed but more compaction damage can be created than the combine tracks.

This year’s harvest is similar to 2011. It was a very wet fall and the window for fall tillage closed quickly. We all know what 2012 was like so we need to be mindful of the soil conditions that next year’s crop will be growing in. Central Indiana hasn’t seen a dry year since 2012, and we want tillage operations to lessen soil compaction not compound compaction issues. If we do not have an opportunity to do constructive tillage in favorable soil conditions this fall, opting for less aggressive tillage next spring to remove the harvest compaction may be the best alternative.

As we get closer to planting, adjust your tillage practices to create the most favorable seed bed possible. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give one of us a call Reynolds Agronomy at 317.850.2532.

We would love the opportunity to help in any way possible.

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