Combine Cafe: Behind The Counter

Posted by Mike Lawson on

Far beyond the reach of Westfield, Indiana just off of North US-31, in northwest Hamilton County stands a small cafe that lies between the brick and mortar of a family-owned John Deere dealership; Reynolds Farm Equipment. Where local patrons discuss farm commodities, local weather and community sports and visitors gaze out from tables at a large selection of John Deere equipment exposed at their surroundings. You know that you’re in good company here at our Combine Cafe in Atlanta, Indiana. Click here to find location information.

The cafe was the idea of owner Gary Reynolds who wanted to not only have a place to feed his own employees, but to invite the community and those traveling, an affordable place to eat, with large portions, mind you.

And behind the madness of home-cooked entrees and hand-baked desserts, not too far beyond the front counter is where you’ll find our Pastry Chef, Michelle Hollingsworth, who doubles duties as greeting customers and taking orders with a laugh and a smile.

Michelle Hollingsworth is in the foreground with the kitchen of the Combine Cafe in the background. She is looking down while smiling and laughing.

Back behind her is the person responsible for our weekly lunch specials and seasonal menus at the Combine Cafe. He creates both for breakfast and lunch, our own Chef Jon Hollingsworth.

Jon Hollingsworth stands in the kitchen of the Combine Cafe and looks directly at the viewer.

But to get a real glimpse into their daily routine, banter and well, let’s face it, the madness of a cafe, you’ll need to view this 3-minute video. Don’t take them too seriously, but serious enough to fill your hunger. Bon appetit!

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