Work & Play Longer | John Deere Gator Light Kits Overview

posted on Wednesday, March 6, 2019 in Blog


John Deere Gators | Work or Play Hard

John Deere Gators are used for a large variety of uses from work to play. Soon spring will be upon us and with it, warm weather. This will lead to those long projects and big plans for your property. Work or play longer by adding or upgrading your John Deere Gator lights. 

Here are just some examples of Gator Light Kits available:

LED Work Lights
LED Work Lights: 
Consumes fewer amps and has a longer lifespan than traditional halogen bulbs. Requires mounting kit for brushguard, front roof, or rear roof mounting.

Front Light Kit

Front Light Kit - Deluxe Cab: Two 55-W halogen lights provide superb visibility for nighttime operation. Quick installation with wiring harness. With overhead mounted on/off rocker switch. Compatible with all cabs. Requires electrical kit (VGB10505) for field installation.

Mid-Range Light Kit

Mid-Range Light Kit: Two halogen lights per kit. Mounted up to 2 kits in front and one kit in rear of OPS. Can be mounted with or without OPS Roof. Requires OPS switch bank BM24089.

Long-Range Light Kit

Long-Range Light Kit: This kit provides a narrow, long-range beam, which greatly adds to visibility. Helpful when driving at higher speeds.

Rear Light Kit - Deluxe Cab

Rear Light Kit – Deluxe Cab: One 55-W Hella® halogen light ties into vehicle’s wiring harness for quick installation. Bolts to the rear of the cab frame for a consistent lighting pattern. Requires electrical kit VGB10505 for field install.

Want to add or upgrade your Gator lights?

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