Talk with a Tech - All Things Belts

posted on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 in Blog

By Jason Imel,

With spring finally, upon us, it's time to blow the dust off of equipment and make sure it is in top-notch shape to start tackling those early spring chores.  We recently sat down with our service technicians to discuss commonly overlooked issues that can cause trouble, especially during spring tune-up season.  From belts to dull blades our techs provided insight into making your machine run in top condition. 

This week we are tackling belts and the top 3 Quick Tips to keep them running in top condition:


When inspecting the belt you may want to remove it from your machine to get it into good lighting conditions to be able to check it for cracks. When the belt is under tension it may close the cracks and they will be hard to detect while on the machine. You may also notice small cracks developing from dry conditions that can be caused by too much exposure to sunlight.

Belt Cracks


Fraying can be caused by many conditions. Examples include an old belt that is nearing the end of its wear life, there is debris that is rubbing on the belt while in operation, or you have an idler pulley that is not operating correctly and is adding excessive heat to the belt from added friction.

Belt Frayed


The best approach to damage prevention is to keep the top surface of your deck clear of debris such as sticks, leaves and excessive grass clippings. Another key element is a proper operation of all idler pulleys. Making sure the idler pulleys operate freely and have no damage to the pulley surface that the belt is in contact with will prevent damage to the belt.

Extend Belt Life

If you notice your belt is cracked or frayed, you can visit any of our Central Indiana locations and talk with one of our expert parts specialists. Or, for those of you who don't want to leave the house, is offering 10% off belts sitewide on any make or model.  Be sure to pick up your belts today as this offer ends this Sunday, April 22nd! 

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