Used 2018 Krause 8050-20 Interceptor High Speed Tillage System

this Hi-Speed Vertical Tillage implement is suitable for operating a depth of up-to 5 inches to displace the whole profile of the soil The recommended operating speed of this 8-10 MPH or 6-8 MPH in Rocky Conditions Recommended PTO Horsepower is 260-340 Horsepower




Atlanta, IN

Stock Number


Stock Number C076839
Serial Number 8050-20-A0116
Model Year2018
Model Number 8050-20 Interceptor High Speed Tillage System
  • Additional Features
    • DEMO
    • 20\' working Width
    • Self Leveling hitch
    • 22\" 5MM Excalibur Shallow Convacity CT 32 Flute Blades on 9\" Spacing
    • Four 340/60 R16.5 Main Frame Tires on Walking Beams 8 bolt HD Hubs
    • Two 280/70 R15 Tires Per Wing on Walking Beams 6 Bolt Hubs
    • Star Wheels Mounted on 6 degree Angles with Constant Hydraulic Flow
    • Heavy Duty Flat Bar Reel
    • Single Row Adjustable Angle tine Bar with 5/8\" x30\" Tines on 12\" Spacing

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