Used 1989 Custom 40 Gallon Front Fuel Tank from JD 4850

nice 20-30 year old front auxiliary fuel tank that was removed from a John Deere 4850 row crop tractor. Has been in used until 1/17/2019 when a customer purchased the tractor and did not want the tank. All mountings included. Comes with a front weight support drop down kit to lower the front weights by approximately 10″ inches

  • Additional Features
    • Auxiliary Front Mounted Fuel Tank for older John Deere Row Crop Tractors
    • hold approximately 40 Gallons of Fuel
    • Includes a weight drop down bracket kit to lower front weights by approximately 10"
    • painted green
    • removed from a John Deere 4850 MFWD tractor
    • has been used as recently as 1/17/2019
    • would probably fit a JD 4650 tractor and most likely other late 70s to mid 90s large frame tractors

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