5090GV-5090GN Tractor

  • Working widths down to 43 inches
  • Improved turning radius on the 5GN Series
  • FT4 90 hp engine/76 hp PTO
  • Two transmissions available: 12F/12R and 24F/12R
  • The 5G Final Tier 4 (FT4) Specialty Series now brings a narrow, ultra-narrow, and low-profile option to specialty applications.

    The 5GV Series is built to operate in vineyards with a minimum working width of 108.8 cm (42.8 in.) from rear tire to rear tire. The 5GV Series cab, with an overall width of 108.1 cm (42.6 in.), is designed to pass between narrow vineyard rows. The 5GN features an extra- wide cab of 127.5 cm (50.2 in.). The 5GL series is manufactured with orchardists in mind. This low-profile tractor has an approximate height of 135.89cm (53.5 in.) and width of 152.4cm (60 in.) (depending on tire configuration), which makes it ideal for operating in orchards that are laden with heavy fruit.

    The two-door cab on the 5GN and 5GV models offers the operator yet another convenience of entering and exiting from either side. With a distance of 560 mm (22.1 in.) between the right- and left-hand side consoles and a play of 285 mm (11.2 in.) between seat and steering wheel, the 5G Series provides one of the roomiest cabs in the specialty tractor market.

    Overview of minimum working widths
    Overview of minimum working widths Overview of minimum working widths

    5G Specialty Series basic feature overview:

    Feature overview 5GN 5GV 5GL
    100 hp (74 kW), 4-cylinder / 3.4 L (0.9 gal.) 5100GN N/A N/A
    90 hp (63 kW), 4-cylinder / 3.4 L (0.9 gal.) 5090GN 5090GV N/A
    75 hp (55 kW), 4-cylinder / 3.4 L (0.9 gal.) 5075GN 5075GV 5075GL
    Two-wheel drive (2WD) / four-wheel drive (4WD) Only 4WD Only 4WD Only 4WD
    Cab / open operator station (OOS) Available Available Only OOS
    5GV cab on 5GN Tractor 5GV cab on 5GN Tractor

    The 5G Series has also expanded its platform offerings to include a 5GV cab on a 5GN Tractor. This option combines the fit of 5GV with the wider stance of a 5GN, providing excellent stability paired with the narrowest cab offering available in the 5G portfolio.


    John Deere value

    Performance: tailored to fit – matching narrow widths and low heights to producers’ high value crop applications.

  • The 5GN models have an optional auxiliary fuel tank available, which increases the fuel tank capacity by up to 38 percent on the 5075GN and up to 33 percent on the 5090GN and 5100GN.

    The increased capacity allows for more productive time in the field with fewer stops for refueling.

    Machine Code Fuel tank capacity Code Auxiliary tank capacity
    5075GN Base 86 L (22.7 gal.) 8313 28.4 L (7.5 gal.)
    5090GN Base 73 L (19.3 gal.) 8313 28.4 L (7.5 gal.)
    5100GN Base 73 L (19.3 gal.) 8313 28.4 L (7.5 gal.)
    Auxiliary fuel tank Auxiliary fuel tank
  • The 5G Specialty Series Tractors are equipped with powerful FT4 diesel engines.

    All GN, GV, and GL models are equipped with a robust FPT Industrial 4-cylinder, 3.4-L (207.5-cu in.) displacement engine that offers real versatility and performance for all kinds of specialty operations.

    Engine overview 5GN 5GV 5GL
    74.6 kW (100 hp), 4-cylinder / 3.4 L (207.5 cu in.) 5100GN Not available Not available
    67.1 kW (90 hp), 4-cylinder / 3.4 L (207.5 cu in.) 5090GN 5090GV Not available
    55.9 kW (75 hp), 4-cylinder / 3.4 L (207.5 cu in.) 5075GN 5075GV 5075GL


    Supporting the narrow dimensions of the 5GV Series

    The narrow width of the 5GV Series requires a compact engine solution. The compact 3.4-L (207.5-cu in.) engine supports the envelope of the 5GV Series entering super narrow vineyards as well as the turning radius at the end of a row.

    Performance - made to measure

    The engine ensures high productivity under tough working conditions. With a torque of 401 Nm (295.7 lb-ft) for the 74.6-kW (100-hp) model, the engine ensures the optimal performance for versatile operations.

    John Deere value:

    Performance: the powerful FT4 engines support the narrow machine envelope of the 5G Specialty Series and offer a high torque at rated rpm, which provides a high performance.

  • The 5G Series Tractors are heavy-duty utility tractors in two narrow chassis widths. Heavier gross vehicle weight means more down force to keep implements in the ground. Heavier equipment also leads to improved traction and performance in the field. The 5G Series Tractors have the weight to power through tough jobs.

    Machine Four-wheel drive (4WD) rollover protective structure (ROPS) 4WD cab
    5075GV 2530 kg (5577 lb) 2745 kg (6051 lb)
    5090GV 2530 kg (5577 lb) 2745 kg (6051 lb)
    5075GN 2660 kg (5864 lb) 2975 kg (6558 lb)
    5090GN 2660 kg (5864 lb) 2975 kg (6558 lb)
    5100GN 2660 kg (5864 lb) 2975 kg (6558 lb)
    5075GL 2670 kg (5886 lb) No cab option
  • Regular service and maintenance are essential to the performance, productivity, and longevity of the tractor.

    • Easy access to regular service points minimizes service time.
    • Tractors are equipped with onboard self-diagnostic capabilities and are fully compatible with the John Deere-exclusive Service ADVISOR™ system.
    • Daily service requirements are minimal and simple to accomplish. Most service interval requirements can be performed with a basic understanding of procedures and common tools.

    All items in the daily service schedule can be performed without the use of tools:

    • Convenient access to engine oil, hydraulic oil, coolant level, and water separator
    • Easy access to periodic engine maintenance checks by simply raising the hood
    • Single-point latch mechanism and self-contained leash ensure easy hood opening and closure

    NOTE: Always refer to the operator’s manual for complete maintenance and service recommendations.

  • The John Deere 5G Series provides an outstanding total hydraulic system flow of 126.4 L/min (33.4 gpm) with an optional third hydraulic pump.

    This hydraulic system ensures excellent hydraulic performance and capacity:

    • Precise steering without diverting oil flow from the selective control valves (SCVs) and rockshaft is ideal when maneuvering and operating an implement at the same time as turning at the headland
    • Ensures easy power steering with heavy loads on the front of the tractor
    • Supplies plenty of power to run hydraulic motors
    • Fast cycle times even during the simultaneous usage of various hydraulic driven implements


    Hydraulic performance
    55.9 kW (75 hp), 67.1 kW (90 hp), and 74.6 kW (100 hp) at 2300 rpm

    5075GV 5090GV 5075GN 5090GN 5100GN 5075GL
    Steering and transmission 29.9 L/min (7.9 gpm)
    Second pump - SCV and hitch 66.6 L/min (17.6 gpm)
    Third pump - rockshaft 29.9 L/min (7.9 gpm)
    Total hydraulic flow 126.4 L/min (33.4 gpm)


  • The heavy-duty 3-point hitch design on the 5G Series provides a standard maximum lift of 2590 kg (5,710 lb) at the ball ends. An optional additional lift cylinder is available for the 5GN Series, which increases the maximum lift capacity by 510 kg (1,124 lb) to 3100 kg (6,834 lb) at the ball ends.

    Hooking up implements is quick and simple with the standard Category 2 3-point hitch on the 5GN. Hooking up implements that require Category 1 or Category 1N is also possible and requires very little time with the 5GV and 5GL.

    Optional extra lift capacity shown on the 5GN photo Optional extra lift capacity shown on the 5GN photo
    Code Description Information Availability
    8490 Additional lift cylinder Includes additional lift cylinder (maximum lift capacity at ball ends: 3100 kg [6,834 lb]) 5GN
    4130 Fixed ball ends 3-point hitch with fixed ball ends for draft links 5GN, 5GV
    4131 Adjustable ball ends 3-point hitch with adjustable ball ends for draft links 5GN, 5GV
    4132 Adjustable quick couplers 3-point hitch with adjustable quick couplers for draft links 5GN, 5GV, 5GL
    4151 Hydraulic lift rod Hydraulically adjust lift arm to tilt or level implement 5GN, 5GV, 5GL
    4152 Mechanical lift rod Mechanically adjust lift arm to tilt or level implement 5GN, 5GV, 5GL


    Lift rods Lift rods

    John Deere value

    Performance: higher lift capacity for a wider variety of implements and strong performance means real versatility.

  • The 5G Series comes standard with a 24 forward/12 reverse (24F/12R) PowrReverser™ transmission. The 24F/12R transmission provides 24 forward speeds and 12 reverse speeds for transport speeds of up to 40 km/h (24.9 mph). The transmission provides convenient Hi-Lo and declutch push-button controls. The Hi-Lo feature benefits operators who frequently transport their tractors from field to field or find themselves in bog-down situations during rear power take-off (PTO) work.

    Users can push the rabbit button (high) without having to depress the clutch to get an increase in speed. They can also push the turtle button (low) to get a decrease in speed, similar to downshifting or engine braking without having to grab another gear. The PowrReverser transmission has a built-in engagement override valve for additional safety. This valve requires the clutch pedal to be depressed one time after each engine start before the transmission will begin to operate normally, giving the operator another opportunity to put all focus on the tractor. A neutral start switch requires the PowrReverser lever to be in the neutral position to start the engine.

    Gear-shift lever with Hi-Lo selectors Gear-shift lever with Hi-Lo selectors
      24F/12R PowrReverser
    Speed (km/h) 0.5 to 40 km/h (0.3 to 24.9 mph)
    Creeper range Yes
    Configuration Four-wheel drive (4WD)
    Clutch type Multi-disc wet clutch
    Clutching required to shift No
    Reverser PowrReverser
    Hi-Lo Electrohydraulic
    Mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD) engagement Electrohydraulic, if MFWD option installed
    PTO engagement Electrohydraulic
    Differential lock engagement Electrohydraulic
  • Engine description
    3.4L Fiat® Powertrain Technologies

    Engine displacement
    4 cylinder: 3.4 L
    207 cu in.

    Rated engine power
    67.1 kW
    90 hp

    Rated PTO power (hp SAE)
    59 kW
    79 hp

    Transmission type
    24F/12R PowrReverser, EH Hi-Lo

    Hydraulic pump rated output
    Standard: 96.5 L/min
    25.5 gpm
    Optional: 126.4 L/min
    33.4 gpm

    Rear hitch category (SAE designation)
    Category 1/Category 1N

    Base machine weight
    OOS: 2529.7 kg
    5577 lb
    Cab: 2744.7 kg
    6051 lb

    Maximum PTO power

    Maximum engine power

  • Description
    3.4L Fiat® Powertrain Technologies

    Engine type

    Engine family

    Rated speed
    2300 rpm


    Cylinders liners
    Wet sleeved

    Emission level
    Final Tier 4

    After treatment type
    Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR)

    4 cylinder: 3.4 L
    207 cu in.

  • Rated power
    67.1 kW
    90 hp

    Rated PTO power (hp SAE)
    59 kW
    79 hp

    Power boost

    Engine peak torque

    PTO torque rise

    Intelligent Power Management (available in transport and/or mobile PTO applications)

    Maximum PTO power

    Maximum engine power

  • Type
    24F/12R PowrReverser, EH Hi-Lo


    Clutch; wet/dry


  • Type
    Open Center

    Pump rated output
    Standard: 96.5 L/min
    25.5 gpm
    Optional: 126.4
    33.4 gpm

    Available flow at a single rear SCV
    41.6 L/min
    11 gpm

    Available flow at front SCVs

    Number of rear selective control valves (SCVs)
    Standard: 2
    Optional: 4

    Number of mid selective control valves (SCVs)

    Number of front selective control valves (SCVs)

    Joystick SCV control

    SCV control

  • Hitch draft control load sense type

    Remote control valves available

    Hitch category (SAE designation)
    Category 1/Category 1N

    Maximum lift capacity behind lift points
    2549 kg
    5620 lb

    Sensing type
    Top Link Draft Sensing

    Rear axle differential lock

    Lift capacity at standard frame

  • Drawbar category

    Maximum vertical load

  • Type
    Standard: 540/540E

    Engine rpm (at rated PTO speeds)
    540 at 1938 rpm
    540E at 1648 rpm

    PTO actuation

    Ground speed PTO option availability

    Multispeed PTO option availability

  • Category

    Electric power

    Standard lift capacity

    Front power take-off (PTO)

    PTO speed

  • Type
    Carraro Drivetech

    Final drive type
    Three point inboard planetary drives

    Differential controls
    Multi disk oil cooled design

    Axle type

    Brakes, type and control
    Multi-disc rear braking

    Rear differential lock

    Load rating

  • Type
    Carraro Drivetech

    Front axle differential lock
    Self Locking Differential

    Load rating

  • Front

    260/70 R16

    Wheel tread range

    Turning radius with brakes

    Turning radius without brakes
    3627 mm
    11.9 ft

  • s



  • Alternator size
    120 amp

    Battery options

    Total cold cranking amps

    Type of bulb in beacon (Halogen, Zenon, LED)

    Type of bulb in headlight (Halogen, Zenon, LED)

    Working lights

    dB(A) rating for backup alarm

  • Rollover protective structure, OOS
    Rigid - foldable - telescopic
    Rigid, front folding
    Platform - flat/straddle
    Gearshift location - console/floor

    OOS: standard: COBO MT SC74 M200
    Optional: COBO MT SC74 M97
    Cab: standard: COBO MT SC74 M200

    Cab suspension

    Instructional seat



    Inner cab volume

    dB(A) rating

    Cab glass area

    Front visibility

    Safety glass rating

  • Wheelbase
    2098 mm
    82.5 in.

    Overall length
    4319 mm
    170 in.

    Drawbar clearance
    Min. 226.1 mm
    8.9 in.
    Max. 266.7 mm
    10.5 in.

    Front axle center
    Min. 226.1 mm
    8.9 in.
    Max. 266.7 mm
    10.5 in.

    Approximate shipping weight, Open;Cab

    Overall height

  • Base machine weight

    OOS: 2529.7 kg
    5577 lb
    Cab: 2744.7 kg
    6051 lb

    Maximum ballast level

    Maximum permissible weight

  • Crankcase oil volume

    Fuel tank
    Standard: 73.1 L
    19.3 U.S. gal.

    Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank

    Cooling system

    Transmission-hydraulic system

  • Interval for engine oil change

    Interval for hydraulic/transmission oil change

    Interval for engine coolant change

  • Loader

    Lift capacity at full height

    Maximum lift height

  • Guidance


    Remote diagnostics

  • Country of manufacture

    Side slope rating

    Uphill/downhill slope rating

  • a


  • Drive type


    Track width

    Tread spacing

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