9R 590 Tractor

  • Engine HP1: 649 Max  / 590 hp Rated
  • Fully integrated precision ag technology
  • e18™ PowerShift Transmission
  • Choice of three different cab and visibility packages
  • SCV stack SCV stack

    The 9-series tractor plumbing is designed for max flow so there will be no restrictions in the system making it fast, easy, and cost effective if there is a need to switch between 1.3 cm (0.5 in.) and 1.9 cm (0.75 in.) couplers. Making the change between SCV coupler size will require a new housing and dust protection shield compared to a new SCV slice.

    NOTE: Up to six SCVs can be factory installed. 9 Series Tractors can add SCV 7 and SCV 8 as  field-installed attachments. See Aftermarket kits for details.

  • JD14 engine JD14 engine

    The JD14 (13.6L/827-cu in.) engine from John Deere Power Systems has the power to handle heavy draft disks and rippers, hydraulically demanding air seeders and planters, and large transport loads like grain carts and slurry wagons. With a durable design and heavy-duty components, you can depend on the Final Tier 4 (FT4)/Stage V compliant JD14 engine, standard in the 291 to 471 engine kW (390 to 640 engine hp) 9 Series Tractors.

    We developed the JD14 from the ground up, starting with stronger castings and bearings and tougher internal components, all designed to meet the high demands of field operations. We replaced the fuel injectors with a high-pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel system and eliminated the diesel particulate filter (DPF) to boost fuel efficiency and lower operation and maintenance costs. Integrated coolant and oil passages, along with a new belt-driven water pump, eliminate potential leak points and allow for a less-crowded engine compartment, improving serviceability and reducing debris accumulation.

    In redesigning the engine, we also gave it:

    • Hydraulic valve lash adjusters to maintain valve-lash settings during engine operation, reduce valve train noise and wear, and allow for greater fuel efficiency.
    • A hydraulic fan drive for improved cooling capacity with no required maintenance.
    • A new integrated wiring harness design featuring a modular layout for reduced vibration, greater reliability, and easier service and diagnostics.
    • A rear gear train that integrates fully into the cast-iron block, reducing engine noise and improving the durability of the crankshaft damper.
    • Combination sensors where possible, meaning fewer sensors, connectors, and wires.
    • A powerful engine brake that allows operators to use the engine to control tractor and implement speeds while transporting or traveling downhill, reducing wear on the drivetrain brake components.
  • Ultimate Visibility package at night Ultimate Visibility package at night

    Visibility is more than just lighting. It’s mirrors where you need them, shades for the blinding late-fall and early-spring sun, wipers to help keep all the glass clear, and integrated camera capability. The 9 Series Tractors let you choose the visibility package that best suits your needs Select, Premium, or Ultimate with 360-degree light-emitting diode (LED) lighting so you and your operators can run with all-conditions confidence.


      Select Premium Ultimate
    Lighting 18 halogen worklights 18 LED worklights 24 LED worklights and eight LED convenience lights*
    Mirrors Mechanical Electric and heated Electric, heated, and telescoping
    Sunshades Front Front, right-hand side, and rear Front, right-hand side, and rear
    Wipers Front and rear Front, right-hand side, and rear Front, right-hand side, and rear
    Cameras Camera ready Camera ready Integrated digital cameras
    Rear window tint À la carte option À la carte option À la carte option

    *Convenience lights illuminate the corners of the cab for easier entry and exit.

    Rear window tint Rear window tint
  • 9R 640 equipped with HydraCushion suspension 9R 640 equipped with HydraCushion suspension

    Power that doesn’t get to the ground is power that’s being wasted. And a bumpy, hoppy ride can quickly drain an operator’s energy and productivity. So to help you get the most from every horse under the hood and every hour in the cab, 9R Tractors in wheeled configurations are available with the advanced, industry-exclusive HydraCushion suspension (HydraCushion is standard equipment on 477-kW [640-hp] models).

    Along with a proven-reliable suspension design, HydraCushion suspension uses an advanced system of electronic sensors and hydraulic components to keep the chassis and front differential vertically centered, giving you more consistent contact with the ground while reducing road lope and smoothing out the bumps that cause a rough, tiring ride.

  • Maximizing uptime using connectivity and technology Maximizing uptime using connectivity and technology

    Your needs and success are the focus of John Deere. John Deere makes it easy for you to benefit from having a connected tractor in your operation. All tractors come standard with JDLink™ telematics system and users can turn on connectivity in the John Deere Operations Center™ application. With a StarFire™ Integrated Receiver and G5Plus Display, you can easily step right into advanced technology. If you’re an advanced tech user, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a highly intelligent machine connected to a full suite of solutions on the most open platform in the industry. Advantages of a connected machine include:


    • A StarFire Integrated Receiver eliminates all setup, installation, and global positioning system (GPS) calibrations
    • AutoTrac™ assisted steering guides the machine with accuracy in a variety of field conditions
    • Automation is an option with some applications
    • John Deere Connected Support™ is a proactive service approach to improve service efficiency and reduce machine downtime
    • JDLink gives you access to information anytime, anywhere, to make data driven decisions with John Deere Operations Center and Documentation

    The technology and connectivity in John Deere tractors allow you to optimize productivity, increase uptime, and boost profits with machine information from any device, anywhere.


    Large tractor equipment Precision Technology JDLink

    Base equipment:

    • G5Plus CommandCenter™ display
    • StarFire Integrated Receiver

    Optional equipment:

    • G5Plus CommandCenter display plus extended monitor
    • SF-RTK
    • SF1

    Base equipment:

    • AutoTrac
    • Section Control
    • Documentation
    • Data Sync

    Optional equipment*:

    • AutoPath™
    • AutoTrac Turn Automation
    • AutoTrac Implement Guidance
    • G5Plus Machine Sync
    • In-Field Data Sharing

    Base equipment:

    • JDLink telematics system
    • Wireless Data Transfer
    • John Deere Connected Support service
    • Expert Alerts
    • Remote Display Access
    • Service ADVISOR™ Remote service tool

    *Available with G5 Advanced Tractor License, for more information on G5 Advanced Licenses please visit the Precision Ag Technology Guidance, Automation and Autonomy Sales Manual.

  • Selective control valves (SCVs) on a 9R Tractor Selective control valves (SCVs) on a 9R Tractor

    Of course, the 9 Series has the hydraulic muscle you need to push, pull, lift, and power your most demanding implements. But thanks to a range of enhancements to the hydraulic system, these tractors can provide that power at lower engine speeds, saving you fuel while still giving your implements the capacity they need. Regardless of model or configuration, the new 9 Series hydraulic system gives you:

    • An increase of almost 40 percent in charge pump capacity, from 54-cc to 75-cc, to help maintain a higher flow at lower engine speeds
    • A new swash plate angle sensor to monitor hydraulic flow and pressure and adjust engine speed to meet demand
    • An integrated hydraulic pump, filter, and priority valve for fewer and shorter lines, reduced pressure loss, fewer flow restrictions, and an extra level of reliability

    And if you depend on implements that need continuous hydraulic power, the 9 Series Tractors are available with Intelligent Power Management (IPM). Using dual pumps and advanced sensor and control technology, IPM provides additional engine and hydraulic power for high-demand applications like air seeding up and over hills or through thick, tough soil.

    Add in single and dual pump options and a flexible number rear SCVs, and you can configure a powerful, fuel-efficient hydraulic system to meet the demands of your specific operation without paying for capacity you don’t need.

  • 9RX Tractor 9RX Tractor

    When you’re trying to get a field planted before weather moves in, there’s no time to hit a scheduled maintenance interval or get smacked with an unexpected repair. That’s why we designed the 9 Series for maximum reliability and less in-season maintenance.

    To start, we simplified as many systems as possible, using components common to other tractor lines and minimizing potential downtime due to parts availability. Then we eliminated as many potential pain points as possible through changes in the cooling, aftertreatment, and diagnostic systems, including:

    • Replacing the fan drive system with a maintenance-free hydraulic fan drive
    • Streamlining aftertreatment with a single-canister inline system that’s simpler and features fewer parts
    • Improving uptime by adding better descriptions to diagnostic codes and offering predictive diagnostics through John Deere Expert Alerts
    • A front-left service panel for easier access to engine oil check and fill points;
    • Offering a 500-hour oil change interval on the John Deere JD14 (13.6L/827-cu in.) Final Tier 4 (FT4) engine when using approved John Deere oil and filter.
  • Engine description
    JD14 (B20 diesel compatible)

    Engine displacement
    13.6 L
    827 cu in.

    Rated engine power
    434 kW
    590 hp

    Maximum engine power
    477 kW
    649 hp

    Rated PTO power (hp SAE)
    249 kW
    335 hp

    Maximum PTO power

    Transmission type
    John Deere e18™ 18-speed PowerShift™ with Efficiency Manager™: 40 km/h
    25 mph

    Hydraulic pump rated output
    Standard: 208 L/min
    55 gpm
    Optional: 416 L/min
    110 gpm

    Rear hitch category (SAE designation)
    Category 4N/4: 6804 kg
    15,000 lb
    Category 4N/4: 9072 kg
    20,000 lb

    Base machine weight
    20,856 kg
    45,980 lb

    Maximum engine power PS (hp ISO) at max engine speed (EU 2016/1628)

    Rated engine power PS (hp ISO) at rated engine speed (EU 2016/1628)

  • Description
    JD14 (B20 diesel compatible)

    Engine type
    In-line six, four valve

    Engine family

    Rated speed
    2100 rpm

    Dual series turbocharger with fixed geometry first stage and wastegated second stage; air-to-air aftercooling and cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)

    Cylinders liners

    Emission level
    Final Tier 4 (FT4)

    After treatment type
    Diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC)/selective catalytic reduction (SCR)

    13.6 L
    827 cu in.

  • Rated power
    434 kW
    590 hp

    Rated PTO power (hp SAE)
    249 kW
    335 hp

    Maximum PTO power

    Intelligent Power Management (IPM)

    Power boost
    10 percent

    Maximum engine power
    477 kW
    649 hp
    Optional hydraulic IPM: 459 kW
    615 hp

    Engine peak torque
    At 1550 rpm: 2723 Nm
    2008 lb-ft

    Drawbar power

    PTO torque rise
    38 percent

    Fuel injection system and control

    Air cleaner type

    Maximum engine power PS (hp ISO) at max engine speed (EU 2016/1628)

    Rated engine power PS (hp ISO) at rated engine speed (EU 2016/1628)

  • Type
    John Deere e18 18-speed PowerShift with Efficiency Manager: 40 km/h
    25 mph


    Clutch; wet/dry


    Integrated Electric Power Generation

  • Type
    Closed-center, pressure-and-flow compensated

    Pump rated output
    Standard: 208 L/min
    55 gpm
    Optional: 416 L/min
    110 gpm

    Available flow at a single rear SCV
    1.3-cm (1/2-in.) couplers: 132 L/min
    35 gpm
    1.9-cm (3/4-in.) couplers: 159 L/min
    42 gpm

    Available flow at front SCVs

    Number of rear selective control valves (SCVs)
    Four to eight factory or field installed
    Base: four 1.3-cm (1/2-in.) couplers
    Optional: five to six 1.3-cm (1/2-in.) couplers factory installed
    Optional: three 1.9-cm (3/4-in.) couplers plus five 1.3-cm (1/2-in.) couplers factory installed

    Number of mid selective control valves (SCVs)

    Number of front selective control valves (SCVs)

    Joystick SCV control

    Auxiliary hydraulic features

    SCV control

  • Hitch draft control load sense type

    Remote control valves available

    Hitch category (SAE designation)
    Category 4N/4: 6804 kg
    15,000 lb
    Category 4N/4: 9072 kg
    20,000 lb

    Maximum lift capacity behind lift points
    Category 4N/4: 9072 kg
    20,000 lb

    Lift capacity at standard frame

    Sensing type
    Electrohydraulic with draft sensing

    Rear axle differential lock

  • Drawbar category
    Category 5

    Maximum vertical load
    5440 kg
    12,000 lb

  • Type
    44 mm (1.75 in.) 20-spline, 1000 rpm

    Engine rpm (at rated PTO speeds)

    Economy PTO speeds

    Reverse PTO speeds

    Multispeed PTO option availability

    Ground speed PTO option availability

    PTO actuation

  • Category

    Electric power

    Standard lift capacity

    Front power take-off (PTO)

    PTO speed

  • Type
    Diameter: 120 x 3048 mm
    4.72 x 120 in.

    Final drive type
    Inboard planetary with double-reduction axle

    Differential controls

    Axle type

    Brakes, type and control

    Rear differential lock
    Full-locking electrohydraulic

    Load rating

  • Type
    Diameter: 120 x 3048 mm
    4.72 x 120 in.

    Front axle differential lock
    Full-locking electrohydraulic

    Load rating

  • Rear

    Wheel tread range

    Turning radius with brakes
    Group 48 tires: 6.099 m
    20 ft

    Turning radius without brakes

    Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS)


  • Tread spacing

    Drive type

    Track width


  • s



  • Primary brake (foot brake)

    Secondary brake

    Park lock

    MFWD braking

    Front axle brakes

    Auxiliary brakes

    Hydraulic trailer brakes

    Pneumatic trailer brakes

  • Alternator size
    Standard: 250 amp
    Optional: 330 amp

    Battery options
    12 V

    Working lights
    Standard: 18 halogen
    Optional: 18 or 24 LED plus 8 LED convenience lights

    Type of bulb in headlight (Halogen, Zenon, LED)
    Standard: halogen, 65 W
    Optional: LED

    Type of bulb in beacon (Halogen, Zenon, LED)

    dB(A) rating for backup alarm

    Total cold cranking amps
    3 x 925 CCA
    Total: 2775 CCA

  • Rollover protective structure, OOS

    Degree of seat swivel, left hand
    25 degree (angle)
    Degree of seat swivel, right hand
    40 degree (angle)
    Standard: air suspension
    Optional: ActiveSeat™ II

    Cab suspension

    Instructional seat

    Standard: Generation 4 4600 CommandCenter™: 25.4 cm
    10 in.
    Optional: Extended monitor

    Standard: AM/FM stereo with weatherband, remote controls, auxiliary input jack, four speakers and external antenna
    Optional: Touchscreen radio

    Inner cab volume
    3.27 m3
    115 cu ft

    dB(A) rating

    Cab glass area
    6.64 m2
    71.47 sq ft

    Safety glass rating

    Front visibility

  • Wheelbase
    3912 mm
    154 in.

    Overall width

    Overall length
    With front weights, excluding hitch and coupler: 7945 mm
    312.8 in.
    With front weights, including hitch and coupler: 8427 mm
    331.8 in.

    Overall height

    Drawbar clearance
    Group 48 tires: 527 mm
    20.7 in.

    Front axle center

    Approximate shipping weight, Open;Cab
    20,856 kg
    45,980 lb

  • Base machine weight
    20,856 kg
    45,980 lb

    Maximum ballast level
    30,391 kg
    67,000 lb

    Maximum permissible weight

  • Crankcase oil volume
    64 L
    16.9 U.S. gal.

    Fuel tank
    1514 L
    400 U.S. gal.

    Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank
    120 L
    31.7 U.S. gal.

    Cooling system
    56.5 L
    14.9 U.S. gal.

    Transmission-hydraulic system
    With 3-point hitch and PTO: 227 L
    60 U.S. gal.
    Without 3-point hitch and PTO: 220 L
    58 U.S. gal.

  • Interval for engine oil change
    500 hours

    Interval for hydraulic/transmission oil change
    1500 hours

    Interval for engine coolant change
    6000 hours

  • Loader

    Lift capacity at full height

    Maximum lift height

    Leveling type

  • Guidance
    Integrated AutoTrac™

    Available with JDLink™ hardware, activations, and Ethernet harnesses (availability dependent upon destination)

    Remote diagnostics
    Available with activated JDLink hardware and activations

  • AutoTrac ready

    ISOBUS ready

    CommandCenter video inputs


    Side slope rating

    Uphill/downhill slope rating

    Country of manufacture

  • a



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