718C Corn Head

  • Gathering chains designed for increased life
  • 700C Series dual auger strippers significantly reduce amount of auger wrapping
  • Cross auger provides unmatched crop-handling capacity
  • Opposed knife stalk rolls
  • Customers have asked for stalk rolls to appropriately size residue for their operation while managing power and overall header weight.

    John Deere offers RowMax stalk rolls to address customer needs around residue, power, and weight for their front-end equipment.

    RowMax stalk roll features and benefits:

    • RowMax stalk rolls can improve wear life by 25 to 30 percent compared to the 600C base stalk rolls.
    • Three stalk roll options allow customers to select the appropriate length of corn stalk residue.
    • To provide high performance during harvest, RowMax stalk rolls are designed with reduced power and fuel consumption in mind.
    • RowMax Chopping Stalk Roll drops stalk residue on top of the row for improved planting performance for no-till and strip-till customers the following season. Additionally, the chopping stalk roll blossoms the top of the stalk for reduced tire and track damage.
    Stalk residue dropped on top of the row Stalk residue dropped on top of the row
    Top of the stalk is blossomed Top of the stalk is blossomed

    RowMax stalk roll details:

    • The stalk rolls are manufactured from highly durable austempered ductile iron material with an added wear coating for increased wear life.
    • The full-length blades provide total crop contact for appropriate sizing and cutting action from front to back.
    • Stalk roll tip speed compared to gathering chain speed is optimized to reduce material-other-than-grain (MOG) intake and increase overall capacity while minimizing losses.
    • Enclosed chain drives gathering chains and stalk rolls for each row to provide robust durability and uninterrupted harvesting.
    • Single-piece cast knife roll design provides excellent serviceability when replacement is required.
    Row-unit Row-unit
    Single-piece cast knife roll Single-piece cast knife roll
    Choosing the correct RowMax stalk roll
    Stalk rolls without
    StalkMaster™ corn heads
    RowMax Opposed RowMax Intermeshing RowMax Chopping
    Knife alignment
    Residue size Good Good Better
    Residue breakdown Fast Faster Fastest
    Soil warm up/dry down Fast Faster Fastest
    Wear life Better Better Best
    Row unit power consumption Best Better Better
    Fuel consumption Best Better Good
    Trash intake Best Better Better
    Dry stalks Best Good Good
    Wet stalks Best Better Better
    Down corn Best Good Good
    Weight for two stalk rolls 17.2 kg (38 lb) 18.1 kg (40 lb) 19.5 kg (43 lb)
    StalkMaster with RowMax opposed stalk roll
    Residue size Best
    Row unit power consumption vs. opposed without StalkMaster Good
    Weight Additional 19.1 kg (42 lb) per row for StalkMaster components
    General stalk roll parts information
    Number of knives 8 6 10
    Aftermarket part numbers* (left hand) HXE110671 HXE110675 HXE141569
    Aftermarket part numbers* (right hand) HXE110672 HXE110676 HXE141570

    Model year 2012 and newer 600C/600FC and 700C/700FC for StalkMaster and non StalkMaster row units; factory-installed option code for model year 2020 Corn Heads

    *NOTE: Part numbers are subject to change. Please check the parts order before completing the transaction.

  • The 700C/FC Corn Head RowMax row-unit provides customers increased durability and longer wear life. RowMax row-units include updates to gathering chains, gathering chain sprockets, chain guides, and stalk rolls. These improvements extend the life of the corn head for lower ownership cost.

    Feature benefit:

    • Increased wear life of row-unit gathering chains and sprockets by 50 percent due to solid alloy pin bushings and increased number of sprocket teeth
    • Increased wear life of stalk rolls up to 30 percent with an improved wear coating
    • Maintain corn head performance durability with an increase in stalk roll material hardness
    RowMax row-unit RowMax row-unit
    Gathering chain and sprocket Gathering chain and sprocket


    To extend the life of the corn head, the RowMax row-unit increases the number of sprocket teeth on gathering chains from six teeth to eight teeth. The gathering chain has an additional 12 links and an anti-bend back feature on the chain lug. Gathering chain wear is reduced by using a solid alloy bushing.

  • StalkMaster row-unit StalkMaster row-unit

    Available as an option, StalkMaster provides ultimate stalk sizing by processing stalks smaller than stalk rolls allowing the operator to potentially eliminate second-pass operations, saving time, fuel, labor, and additional operating costs.

    Feature benefit:

    • Consistent sizing of corn stalks to speed up decomposition and provide soil protection from blowing wind and water runoff
    • StalkMaster can be equipped with either intermeshing, opposed, or chopping stalk rolls
    • Ultimate flexibility to chop or not chop when desired through a quick, no-tools-required disconnect feature
    StalkMaster blades StalkMaster blades

    Each StalkMaster row-unit gearcase is equipped with two heat-treated and wear-coated rotating blades positioned below the stalk rolls. The blades can be reversed to extend their wear life. These blades cut stalk to size and distribute residue evenly throughout the row. If the blades encounter an obstruction they will swing backward, avoiding damage and interruption to harvest.

    StalkMaster disconnect feature StalkMaster disconnect feature

    The StalkMaster row-unit gearcase feature a no-tools-required disconnect. Each row has a lever on the right side of the gearcase to turn the function on or off in a matter of minutes if desired, allowing for lower fuel consumption.

    StalkMaster gearcase StalkMaster gearcase

    A heavy-duty slip-clutch design protects the row-unit gearcase and the StalkMaster lower unit gearcase.

    712C right-hand side and drive shaft 712C right-hand side and drive shaft

    The gathering chains and stalk rolls for each row are enclosed to provide robust durability. Heavy-duty bearings along with O-ring seals improve serviceability.

    Larger sprockets and chain Larger sprockets and chain

    A continuous-loop chain allows higher loads and longer life by eliminating all connector links and half links. The large-diameter sprockets along with a large 38-mm (1.50-in.) transverse hex back shaft and row-unit shaft provide improved sprocket and chain.

    Telescoping drive shaft Telescoping drive shaft

    A telescoping drive shaft mounts to the splined feederhouse back shaft on all 50, 60, 70, W-, T-, C-, and S-Series Combines.

    The coupler features an 8-degree index, allowing the customer to match the drive shaft splines without rotating the platform feederhouse.

    Telescoping drive shafts can be retrofitted to earlier 90 Series and 40 Series Corn Heads.

    Rubberized curtains Rubberized curtains
    Steel-protective shield Steel-protective shield

    StalkMaster row units feature side- and rear-mounted rubberized curtains to optimize residue distribution. The right-hand side of the head has an additional shield to protect customers from protruding blades.

  • Feelers keep the combine on the row Feelers keep the combine on the row


    AutoTrac RowSense, reduces overlap and fatigue during harvest. On top of steering the machine, an operator is required to monitor several other areas such as the header feeding, ground terrain, combine settings, or managing tender trucks and grain carts. Operating at night, in windy conditions, or while harvesting lodged corn can add even more stress for the operator.


    • Continue harvesting in down crop and dusty conditions
    • Increases acre-per-hour potential and reduce grain loss
    • Enhances operator comfort while reducing stress
    StarFire™ position receiver picks up signal StarFire™ position receiver picks up signal

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