CX20 Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter

  • Four larger, more durable gearboxes
  • Self-leveling drawbar clevis
  • Continuous and greaseable wing-frame hinges
  • Front and rear safety chains
  • John Deere rotary cutters lead the way with innovative design, superior performance, and proven durability. Valuable features are included such as the Double-Decker™ design and Max Flow cutting chamber, which prevent water and debris from accumulating on the smooth, dome-shaped top deck while the flat bottom deck absorbs the punishment from rocks and stumps.


    The top deck stays smooth - no dents, no dings, no holes. The internal supports sandwiched between the top and bottom decks are key to the smooth and structure-free Max Flow cutting chamber, while at the same time provide added strength and durability.


    To help promote safe operation, John Deere rotary cutters are equipped with front and rear safety-chain shields. John Deere rotary cutters continue to advance in value with larger, more powerful gearboxes, redesigned blade holders, and updated constant-velocity (CV) drivelines (special to the flex-wing models).


    Here are situations when a rotary cutter is needed:

    • Clipping pastures encourages grass growth, optimizing on valuable pasture acreage.
    • Cutting grass and stalks helps control insects.
    • Routine cutting keeps weeds from reseeding.
    • It is the most cost efficient way to cut roadsides, parks, cemeteries, airport fields, hydro, gas, and telephone easements, and all other types of open properties.
    • Cutting grass waterways encourages root development and helps prevent erosion.
    • Knocking down stalks is essential in no-till and minimum-till fields.
    • Shredding stalks such as cotton, corn, and milo speeds up decomposition.
    • Clearing out brush is easy.
    • Use a rotary cutter to control undergrowth and grass in orchards, vineyards, and groves.

    John Deere rotary cutters are available in three duty-level categories, three different spindle configurations, four hitch types, and three flex-wing sizes.

    • Mid-duty
      • MX models are available in 1.5-m (5-ft), 1.8-m (6-ft), 2.1-m (7-ft), 2.5-m (8-ft), 3.2-m (10-ft), and 4.6-m (15-ft) cut widths.
      • This duty-level category cuts brush up to 50.8 mm (2 in.) in diameter.
    • Heavy-duty
      • HX models are available in 3.2-m (10-ft), 4.2-m (14-ft), 4.6-m (15-ft), and 6.1-m (20-ft) cut widths.
      • HX6 is available in 1.8-m (6-ft) and the HX7 is available in 2.1-m (7-ft) cut widths; they cut brush up to 101.6 mm (4 in.) in diameter.
    • Commercial-duty
      • CX models are available in 3.2-m (10-ft), 4.6-m (15-ft), and 6.1-m (20 ft) cut widths; they cut brush 101.6 mm (4 in.) in diameter.


    NOTE: CX models are heavier built to cut at a 101.6mm (4 in.) capacity level more frequently and for longer durations.

  • CX15 and CX20 product values CX15 and CX20 product values
    100 percent factory assembled
    1. Category 5, multi-profile driveline
    2. Protected front chain shields
    3. Category 5, star-profile wing drivelines
    4. Smooth, dome-shaped Double-Decker™ design
    5. Spring-loaded wing arms
    6. Air bag and shock-absorber suspension
    7. Continuous, greaseable forged-wing hinges
    8. Cast hitch, best turn radius
    9. Hydraulic parking system
    10. Ball-and-clevis hitch connection
  • CX20 with three standard deck rings CX20 with three standard deck rings

    The CX20 is equipped with three deck rings, which are welded to the underside of the deck, just inside the outer circumference of blade travel. The deck rings help to limit the upward deflection of blades, when blades encounter immovable objects such as stumps and set-fast rocks.

  • Gearcase and blade holder shown Gearcase and blade holder shown

    The John Deere gearboxes:

    1. Large seals
    2. Large housing
    3. Large output shaft
    4. Precision forged bevel gears
    5. Large bearings
    6. Stump jumper

    Re-engineered gearcases and blade holders provide the following:

    • More horsepower
    • Faster blade-tip speed
    • Better performance
    • Quieter operation
    • Increased durability
  • CV driveline CV driveline

    Benefits of the CV driveline:

    1. Lock-slide collar, included on all John Deere’s drivelines, helps the attachment to the tractor using your hands on the driveline and not on the collar.
    2. Professional seals on the cross kits allow for a lubrication interval up to 50 hours.
    3. Grease zerks in the cap cross kits provide easy access for field lubrication.
    4. Large, dimpled floating disks reduce wear and improve the grease retention.
    5. Precision spherical ball-and-socket bearings distribute loading evenly and provide a long life and high performance. 

    A lightweight driveline with a lock-slide collar makes it fast and easy to attach.

  • Cross-section of gearcase Cross-section of gearcase

    The HX20 and CX20 Flex-Wing Rotary Cutters utilize a four-gearcase design. This is far superior to a three-gearcase design because the wing drivelines are able to operate at a range of angles, from 22 degrees down and up to 45 degrees. The wings fold up to 90 degrees for transport-lock purposes.


    Additionally, the transfer of power from the tractor is dedicated to the transfer gearcase while the cutting is handled by three separate and properly sized individual gearcases. This results in superior drivetrain reliability and durability:

    • HX20 uses a 250 continuous hp and 300 peak hp splitter gearcase, and 150 continuous hp and 205 peak hp center and outer gearcases.
    • CX20 uses a 250 continuous hp and 300 peak hp splitter gearcase, and 150 continuous hp and 216 peak hp center and outer gearcases.

    Large, tapered roller bearings and forged gears provide a long trouble-free operating life. Horizontal shafts in all gearcases are 1.5-cm (1-3/4 in.) in diameter to resist torque spikes. Output shafts have a tapered spline for a tight connection with blade holders.


    Gearcases are backed up by a five-year warranty.

  • Exclusive ground-control suspension Exclusive ground-control suspension

    CX Series Flex-Wing Rotary Cutters feature ground-control suspension, which is unique in the industry.


    This suspension includes a heavy-duty axle with six wheels (five-wheel and three-wheel assemblies for the CX15 3.1-m [10-ft] model) and air springs with shock absorbers on all four-wheel assemblies.

    Shock absorbing Shock absorbing

    Shock absorbers provide a smooth ride for road travel and for hard and rough pastures, roadsides, etc. The shock-cushioning ability of the CX suspension is in a class by itself and contributes greatly to long, trouble-free operation of the machine.


    Center-section air springs typically carry 90 psi of air pressure. Wing-section air springs typically carry 60 psi of air pressure.


    All of the CX models are also available with springs and shock absorbers.

  • HX20 hinges HX20 hinges
    CX20 hinges CX20 hinges

    Center sections and wing sections are connected via 2.5-cm (1-in.) diameter continuous hinge pins. Hinge bushings are constructed of 15.2-cm (6-in.) long forged-steel segments and are greaseable to prevent hinge pins from seizing.

    • The HX20 uses nine hinge bushing segments per side.
    • The CX20 uses 16 hinge bushing segments per side, for a continuous hinge (front to back), providing superior resistance to the wear and tear caused by commercial usage.
  • Tight turning radius (CX15 shown) Tight turning radius (CX15 shown)

    Hitches have a narrow profile and are 57.2 cm (22.5 in.) wide to allow a very tight turning radius, even when the tractor is equipped with dual wheels.

  • Transport lock ensures wings stay secured Transport lock ensures wings stay secured

    A transport lock flips over the lift cylinder for backup to the hydraulics when transporting or servicing the cutter.


    A wing lock is provided for additional safety during transporting or servicing. Additionally, the wing locks are spring-loaded so they can unfold against gravity on slopes up to five degrees.

  • A manual-implement jack is in base equipment A manual-implement jack is in base equipment

    The HX15, CX15, HX20, and CX20 come standard with an industry-exclusive hydraulically-operated height leveling system with a swing-away parking stand that makes raising and lowering the cutter easy and safe. In addition, a manual-implement jack is in base equipment, so hitch leveling can also be adjusted without hydraulics. With this addition, the cutter will remain in the same position for long periods of time.

  • Five-year warranty on all flex-wing gearboxes Five-year warranty on all flex-wing gearboxes
    Five-year warranty on all rotary cutter gearboxes Five-year warranty on all rotary cutter gearboxes

    John Deere is so confident in the reliability of the gearbox, the warranty has been extended. John Deere rotary cutters come with a 5-year limited gearbox warranty.

  • Cutting width
    6,096 mm
    240 in.

    Cutting height
    For clearance over terraces 25-406 mm
    1-16 in.

    Cutting capacity (diameter)
    101.6 mm
    4 in.

    Cutting chamber depth
    267 mm
    10.5 in.

  • Tractor PTO HP range
    55.92 kW
    75 hp

    Tractor PTO
    1,000 rpm

    Static Vert Drawbar Load Rating
    1,200 kg
    2,640 lb

  • Type
    Pull-Type with ball-type self-leveling hitch clevis for easy hookup (Pull-Type has standard 10,000 lb (4,536 kg) Safety Tow Chain)


    Hitch width
    For tight turn capability 570 mm
    22.5 in.

    Stays vertical while raising or lowering

  • Transport width
    At wing wheels 3,400 mm
    134 in.

    Overall width
    6,250 mm
    246 in.

    Overall length
    5,760 mm
    227 in.

    Deck shape
    Easy clean dome-shaped top deck

    Deck type
    Double-decker for superior strength

    Deck thickness
    3.5 (10) mm
    .138 (10) in.
    3.5 (10) mm
    .138 (10) in.

    Shirt thickness
    6 mm
    .25 in.

    Intermittent cast steel segments - greaseable; single 1-in. (2.5-cm) diameter full-length hinge pin

    Approx. weight
    3,350 kg
    7,350 lb

  • Size
    CV ASAE Category 5 splined telescoping profiles
    ASAE Category 5 splined telescoping profiles

    No-seize, slip-clutch driveline
    No-seize, slip-clutch driveline

  • Number

    HP rating
    186 continuous / 224 peak kW
    250 continuous / 300 peak hp
    112 continuous / 161 peak kW
    150 continuous / 216 peak hp
    112 continuous / 161 peak kW
    150 continuous / 216 peak hp

  • Thickness
    13 mm
    .5 in.

    102 mm
    4 in.

    Suction or dual

    152 mm
    6 in.

    Blade rotation
    CW, CCW, CCW

    Blade tip speed

    1000 RPM
    Wing 4,988 (299 km/h) m/min
    16,364 (186 mph) fpm
    Center 4,974 (298 km/h) m/min
    16,319 (185 mph) fpm

    Material flow system
    Smooth, obstruction free Max Flow cutting chamber for a clean cut and no windrows

    Blade holder

    Bar or stump jumper with standard deck rings

  • Wing lift
    Standard, includes spring assist unfolding

    Wing flex
    90 up, 22 down degree (angle)

  • Type

    Option 2
    5-bolt 26x9x14.5 'Fat Boy' Severe-Duty Ag Tires

    Air cushion with shock absorbers on all 4 wheels standard

    Row width adjustment

    Wing-leveling adjustment
    Easy adjust turnbuckle with bearing

  • Front


  • w



  • a


  • Approx. weight

    Blade tip speed - 540 rpm - 1000 rpm

    Cutting capacity (diameter)

    Cutting width

    Deck thickness - upper - lower

    Drivelines - Size - Main


    Shirt thickness

    Tractor PTO HP range

    Transport width

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