Why You Should Mulch with Your John Deere Mower

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What is Mulching and Why Should Do It?

Mulching is cutting your grass and keeping inside the mower deck to be cut up again and again until it is dropped back down in small pieces to be absorbed by the soil. This is an easy way to feed your lawn. Mulching returns nitrogen-rich nutrients to your lawn and reduces the amount of fertilizer you need for your yard. Get your John Deere mower spring ready by turning it into a one-touch mulching machine with a John Deere Mulch Control Kit.

Mulch Control

What is a John Deere Mulch Control Kit

The John Deere One-Touch Mulch Control Kit allows you to go from mulching to side-discharge with one adjustment so you can mow each area of your lawn without interruption. This allows you to keep clippings out of your driveway or flower bed. Mulch control kits can be added to existing John Deere mowers that do not already have mulching capabilities. Each kit also comes with high lifting mower blades to help throw the grass up for better mulching.

Add a Mulch Control Kit to your John Deere Mower & Save

Now through May 31, 2019 you can save 15% off on a Mulch Control Kit for your John Deere mower. Call or stop in at your local Reynolds location to save today!

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