What the Just in Time Economy Means for Your Mower

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Reynolds@Home Service truckThe blockbuster news of Wal-Mart acquiring Jet.com for more than $3 billion reflects a massive shift underway. Consumers are quickly evolving to a world in which everything is click away and is purchased at the precise time it’s needed. Wal-Mart’s aspiration to serve these hyper-connected customers is understandable, especially considering the kings this ‘just in time’ economy has crowned.  

Take a look at the rise of Uber. Despite how you feel about the ride service, the company’s meteoric growth is staggering. Amazon Prime Now is transforming how citydwellers and fellow suburbanites get everything from laundry detergent to bottled water delivered at the front door in only a few hours after an online click. This ‘just in time’ economy is real, and it’s one that the team here at Reynolds is constantly evolving to meet.

Earlier today we announced an incredible new service offering aimed at serving today’s connected consumer and busy homeowner.  We call it Reynolds@Home, and it’s our newest solution that brings the quality and expertise of our service team to your driveway or garage to service the mower, tractor or hand-held equipment you use at home to make your place look great.  No longer do you have to try to fit that mower in your trunk or under the back hatch of your SUV or try to juggle your calendar to make it into one of locations. We’ll come to you and make the process fast and easy.

Reynolds@Home is simple. Visit ReynoldsFarmEquipment.com/service and select Reynolds@Home to schedule service at the time that works best for you.  After a member of our team confirms the online order, our certified John Deere technician will visit your home, complete the maintenance work on your equipment and get you back up and running.

For decades, we’ve proven the value of on-site service with our agricultural and commercial customers. Today, we’re building on that success with the launch of Reynolds@Home. We look forward to bringing our skill and expertise to a driveway near you soon.

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