What I Learned Using My First Chainsaw

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My wife and I purchased some land in the country last year, and ever since I have found myself spending evenings and weekends sporting a pioneer spirit – clearing brush, planting and removing dead trees to transform our little parcel into the oasis we dreamed of owning. While the joy of country living has been nothing short of life changing, it does require some changes and facing fears.

Using (and even the thought of buying) a chainsaw is something that has always fueled a bit of trepidation.  I’ve heard too many stories of the risks, but with guidance from the team here at Reynolds and tirelessly watching the Stihl safety video (watch it below) I felt prepared to tackle the task.  If you’ve never used a chainsaw or if you are a veteran lumberjack, watching the safety video below is a worthy endeavor. I watched it a couple times and am glad I did.  The safety tips and practical advice were incredibly helpful as I ventured into the woods this past weekend to tackle tree toppling.

With the guidance of the team here at Reynolds, I selected the Stihl MS 180-C-BE with 16-inch bar.  It is a great, lightweight chainsaw that proved perfect for what we needed to tackle with the ash trees.  I also purchased a wedge to help take down the trees once the near-final cut was made, an additional chain, a gallon of bar oil and a case of pre-mixed gas.  Buying the premixed gas at the time of purchase doubled the warranty of the saw and made quick work of filling up while cutting and bucking (the official lumberjack term for cutting the tree into smaller sections to stack).

The saw performed great. The MS180-C-BE is an easy start model, which eliminates the need to pull hard on the starter cord. It was a neat feature at first, but it was welcomed after cutting, bucking and stacking all day. I was beat and could use any help I could get to make the job a little easier.

With the help of family, we completed most of the work over the weekend.  I have a few more trees I can take down, but I plan to call on the experts for some of the bigger ones that need to come down.  I really enjoy the new saw, but I also know my limits.

You can view our complete chainsaw lineup online here or at any of our Central Indiana locations. I’d love to hear your stories of country living on Twitter @ReynoldsFarmEq or @mitchdf.

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