[Video] How Homeowners Can Make the Most of a John Deere Compact Tractor

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One thing I’ve grown to love about the community of John Deere owners is their willingness to share helpful advice and insights with others. It’s a reality that permeates every category of John Deere owner – homeowners, landscapers and farmers – and it’s one I experienced firsthand last week.

In working on a project at home, I turned to YouTube for inspiration on how best to use a John Deere 1025 tractor with backhoe to dig a ditch. To my surprise, I found a great video from a guy who was digging a trench and providing insight into how best to use his prized 1025R. I was hooked after the first few seconds of video – the content was great, the narration was humorous and it was actually helpful. Then, when I learned he was from nearby Carmel, Indiana – I knew we had to meet.

His name is Tim Marks, and he and his wife Christy joined our team for lunch at the Combine Cafe at our Atlanta, Indiana headquarters on Friday. Over lunch, I learned how this son of a farmer, his wife and his daughter created a powerful YouTube channel by showcasing the power of their John Deere tractor. The team tackles things that most of us in the suburbs find ourselves in need of – things like moving stone in a driveway, planting a garden or even removing obstacles from the yard. The trio do a great job at providing helpful how-to instructions and also offer a great example of how a family can work together to make a big impact.

You can view their Tractor Time with Tim YouTube channel here. I hope to share more insights from Tim and his family here on our blog in the coming months.

Let us know if you have a great video or story to tell. Simply click this link to tell us more about it.

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