Top 10 Compact Tractor Attachments for Property Owners

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John Deere Compact Tractors make easy work of big tasks, but did you know there are more than 600 implements and attachments available to make your tractor even more helpful around the house?  The availably and versatility of attachments make your Compact Tractor the ideal workhorse, but it can be tough to know how to prioritize amidst the choices available.

Here are the top 10 implements we recommend every property owner consider for their John Deere Compact Tractor:

  1. Loader. Most compact tractors today are sold equipped with a loader and utility bucket for a variety of jobs including loading, lifting, digging, and scrapping. A loader can be used for much more than scooping and carrying objects. Attachments like bale spears, debris grapples, rock buckets, snow pushers, and more can be attached to loaders.  
  2. Rotary Cutter. Rotary cutters cut through thick weeds, tall grass, and brush. Property owners can make quick work of clearing an overgrown pasture or roadside. Rotary cutters are ideal for maintaining rough terrain.
  3. Grooming/Belly Mower.  Grooming mowers and belly mowers deliver a fine cut and are ideal for lawns and sporting fields. These mowers are perfect for mowing around the house and are available on many John Deere models as Quick Attach Drive Over decks – making adding a mower as simple as a few steps.
  4. Rear Blade. A rear blade is the right choice when moving snow, digging a ditch or moving debris. Rear blades can quickly turn an unlevel surface smooth.
  5. Box Blade. A box blade is a versatile attachment used to grade gravel driveways, level land, or to spread dirt. Scarifiers, also known as ripper teeth or shanks, can be added to a box blade to rip into hard soil that is too tough for a traditional blade to level.  
  6. Post Hole Digger. A post hole digger is powered by the tractor’s rear PTO and is used to drill down deeply into the soil to create narrow holes to place posts. This is a must-have attachment if you plan to install a fence, large deck, or structure where posts are required.
  7. Land Plane. A land plane is a rear implement with two cutting edges used to level driveways, fill potholes, or recondition gravel areas.
  8. Snowblower. A snow blower is a rear implement used to remove snow fast and efficiently from driveways, sidewalks, roadways, etc.  Driven by the rear PTO, the snowblower makes it fast and easy to remove snow from long driveways or roadways without having to pick up a shovel.
  9. Broadcast Spreader. A broadcast spreader is a rear implement used to distribute seed, lime, fertilizer, salt, sand, etc. These spreaders cover a lot of ground quickly and efficiently.
  10. Rotary Tiller. If you have a garden (or plan to have a garden) the rotary tiller should be on your list.  Rotary tillers are used to till and level soil for seeding preparation in gardens and flower beds. The spinning blades of a rotary tiller breakup dirt clods and create loose topsoil for planting seeds.

Owning a John Deere Compact Tractor provides a host of benefits and provides the versatility you need to make quick work of tough jobs around your property.  Learn more about how to make the most of your Compact Tractor on John Deere’s Tips Notebook or contact one of our experts for a personalized session of how to make the most of your Compact Tractor. 

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