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CONNECT: The Power of One Word

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Every year every team member from across the company connect and invests an afternoon in setting the course for our company. It’s a big investment, but it’s one that fuels how we operate, how we continue to improve and how we best position Reynolds to ensure we are ready to meet your needs in the year ahead.

Our staple of these gatherings is the unveiling of our one-word annual theme. This word serves as our focus for the year – our rally cry, our North star. It’s a single word that represents what we aspire to do each and every day. The power we’ve seen from this one word is tremendous, as it also serves as the foundation for our annual vision and core values. This single word provides a simple reminder about what we want to achieve. In recent years, we’ve rallied around the words IMPACT (2017) and SERVE (2018). In 2019, our one-word focus is CONNECT.

CONNECT represents our collective focus and commitment to connect with you, your operation and your unique needs. Amidst a sea of new products, new technologies and constant change, our goal with CONNECT is to be the place and the team where you can find real solutions, insight and trusted advice from a team who shares a passion for your business and deeply respects you and your operation.

On behalf of the entire Reynolds team, thank you for the opportunity to serve you, to earn your trust and to be the company we are. We all look forward to CONNECTing with you in the days, weeks and months ahead.

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