Thank a Farmer: National Farm Safety Week

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For years I have not thought twice about where my morning cornflakes originated or how the cheese in my macaroni was made. Now after just a few months in the ag business, I am more keenly aware of the populations of professionals that labor every day to feed our community and this great nation.  These professionals are farmers, and they are some of the most genuine, hard-working and dedicated men and women in this world.

With #Harvest16 underway in earnest, I encourage you to pause today and reflect on how the American farmer contributes to our way of life.  From the corn in our breakfast cereal to the soy in our lattes to the pork on our plate, American farmers are a critical component to nearly every facet of our life.  It’s an important reality to acknowledge, especially this week as the country focuses on farm safety with National Farm Safety Week.  As we reflect on the significant contributions of the men and women of agriculture, we also reflect on the personal sacrifices each makes.

Farming is an industry that requires mental and physical labor, large machinery, long hours and a host of dangers.  The team here at Reynolds Farm Equipment is committed to the safety of the farmers we have the blessing to serve. From clinics and training to our team of expert technicians on the road, we are passionate about ensuring we do everything we can to make the business of farming one that is safe, efficient and productive.

To the men and women of agriculture – thank you.  On this National Farm Safety Week, we thank you for your service and wish you a safe and productive #Harvest16.

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