Service Your Mower Now So it Works in the Spring

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You invested in your lawn tractor or zero-turn mower, and you want to make sure you maintain it well enough to last the expected 20 years. Peter Sawchuk, Consumer Reports’ chief tester of outdoor power equipment has listed the top things to check for on your mower, all which are included in Reynolds End of Year Service Special, will keep your mower running for years to come.

  • Give your battery a charge. The charging system on most lawn tractors or riders isn’t capable of fully recharging a low battery, so you have to keep your battery fully charged, or at least periodically recharge it. Neglect this chore, and your battery could fail sooner than you expect.
  • Some toil for the oil. Depending on how much you used the tractor or rider over the season, you’ll need to at least check the oil and fill it to the “full” mark. Many tractors and riders have hour meters; if not, you can buy one separately. Either way, the manual will tell you how often (in operating hours) to change the oil, along with what grade to use. If you can’t recall when you last changed the oil, get it changed now.
  • Decked out and clean. Optimally, you should clean clippings from the deck every time you mow and the washout ports on many riding mowers make this easy. If you haven’t done this all season and the clippings are heavily packed, the washout port won’t suffice and will need to be manually scraped out.
  • Give your tires a pressure check. You should check tire pressure every spring anyway—soft tires make steering less responsive and also force your engine to work harder. If you didn’t do it then, do it now. Neglect this step, and you could be replacing a damaged tire come spring, when you expected to get out and mow.

Reynolds makes it easy for you to check off these essential checks plus much more like sharpening blades for a precise cut, making sure your mower deck is leveled for an even cut, and checking spark plugs to make sure your mower is ready to mow when you are.

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Credit: Consumer Reports
Original Article: Winterize your mower now so it works in the spring

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