Reynolds Test Plot 2019: Maximizing Yield Potential

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Reynolds has 14.3 acres next to our Atlanta location that we will be using to create a test plot to demonstrate John Deere ExactEmerge planter technology alongside MaxEmerge technology. The test plot will be planted with corn and soy beans. We will also have our Reynolds Agronomy team working closely on the test plot to monitor the crops based on the performance of applications of equipment and how it correlates to yield.


Equipment Used and Variables

Our team has converted a John Deere 7200 Planter with ExactEmerge with hydraulic down force. We will be doing side-by-side comparisons with a MaxEmerge planter with pneumatic down force. We will also be testing change of seed depth and population throughout the field. We will be measuring and comparing all the equipment variables and showing results throughout this season.


Initial Agronomy Findings

Our Reynolds Agronomy team will be monitoring our test plot from prior to planting to harvesting. They have started by pulling soil samples in December. Those samples showed fertility levels, calcium and soil pH were all okay. Soluble elements like boron, sulfur and nitrogen will need to be supplemented. A spring application of fertilizer will happen before secondary tillage, ahead of planting. Throughout this season they will also be taking tissue samples to measure results as well as scouting corn to see if fungicides will need to be applied.


Customer Field Days & More

Reynolds will have two Field Days that will be announcing more details for at a later date. We will be inviting our customers out to check out our progress on our test plot along with our results throughout. We will have the equipment we have used on-site along with our Reynolds Agronomy team to present what they have found plus much more! Watch for more information via email and social media.

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