[Photo] How Irrigation Improves Performance

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There are several advantages to irrigation. One distinct advantage Reynolds Agronomy is seeing is its the ability to improve yield potential by speeding the maturation process and reducing stress by irrigating at crucial stages of development.

The photo above is of two ears taken from an irrigated field in central Indiana planted in late May. The ear on the left is at least one stage more mature than the other. The more mature ear (R3) is under irrigation, the ear on the right, staged at Blister or R2 is from a non-irrigated field corner.

Pollination was occurring when growing conditions were not favorable. Weather conditions became very hot and dry during this critical period. The ear on the right at blister remains very vulnerable to further kernel abortion.

Toward the middle and end of pollination, weather conditions became wet and hot with dew points in the mid to upper 70’s. Disease pressure in the field is heavy with the outbreak of Gray Leaf Spot. The application of fungicides through the pivot has been very effective in controlling fungal diseases.

Having the ability to apply water, nutrients, fungicides and insecticides through irrigation at stressful times during the growing season can pay big yield dividends, we are seeing it happen.

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