New Year’s Resolution: Spend Your Time Where It Belongs

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When the clock struck 12:00 AM and the year changed to 2018, most of us made promises to ourselves. Promises to eat better, go to bed earlier or even read more. If you’re like most of us some of those promises have already been broken and it’s only been 8 days!

From the cul-de-sac dweller to the multi-acre farmer, here’s one resolution that we can make today that’s easy to keep and beneficial: spend your time where it belongs, with the ones we love; our family and friends. We want to help you stick to this resolution, here are four ways:

  1. Spend less time on your mower: John Deere’s Zero-Turn Mowers not only drive faster, but they do so without reducing cut quality. ZTrak zero-turn mowers featuring “right-size” engines and mower decks to get the job done for properties large and small. This spring, pair with the ZGlide Suspension System to reduce vibrations and bouncing associated with operation on the rough or uneven terrain.  ZGlide Suspension is available for both residential and commercial ZTrack mowers.
  2. Spend less time working on equipment: Reynolds Farm Equipment hires certified John Deere technicians that want to solve your equipment issues so you don’t have to. Schedule your service or tuneup today to beat the spring rush and we’ll save you the hassle of dropping off your equipment by picking up and delivering it for FREE. If you’d rather fix it yourself, save time and skip searching online listings and visit
  3. Spend less time applying and dealing with chemicals: Reynold’s irrigation specialists accelerate in irrigation and fertigation products and techniques to help you receive the best yields possible. Our experts understand how irrigation system will boost your results by distributing chemical and fertilizer for you!  Plus, with the help of our professional field agronomists, you can spend less time in the fields and allow someone else to tackle those in-field tasks for you. From improving planter calibration to validating your crops and soil, a Reynolds agronomist can and will do it all for you. Use the time you would spend in the field marking other items off your to-do list. Contact an Expert
  4. Spend less time in the fields:  Be sure you have the right equipment! If you looking for an upgrade, trade-in or just curious to know what’s available, Reynolds has a large inventory or new and used equipment and a team ready to assist you with your decision.
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