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Mower Maintenance in 8 Simple Steps

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Generally, most people who own a lawn mower aren’t aware of the steps they should take to uphold it. About the middle of summer, mowers tend to get harder to start, and in turn, don’t run as strong as they did earlier in the season. Mower maintenance will ensure a smoother operation, increased longevity, and save money and time.

Here are 8 Simple Steps to Follow to Maintain Your Mower All Summer Long:

  1. Brush off the mower: Removing grass and debris build up is a simple step in maintenance.
  2. Clean or replace air and fuel filter: Preserving the air and fuel filter will allow the mower to run efficiently.
  3. Remove or sustain the gas: It’s important to remove the gas from the tank before you put your mower away for the season. An alternate solution is to add fuel stabilizer to your gas.
  4. Change the spark plug: Changing the spark plug will guarantee an easy start every year.
  5. Sharpen or replace the blade: Fresh and sharp blades allow a clean cut on your grass.
  6. Change the oil: The purpose of oil in a mower is to provide lubrication that prevents metals from rubbing and serve as a coolant. Changing the oil at the beginning of the season will prevent metals from rubbing.  With the John Deere Gear Up for Fall Sale, you can save up to 15% off Home Maintenance Kits. 
  7. Observe the belts: Check the belts for cracks to prevent complete breakage.
  8. Maintain the battery: Keep up with the battery during the winter by using a triple charger.

Maintaining your mower will ensure the longevity and quality of your mower.  You can bring your mower to any of our central Indiana locations for an annual inspection, or mid-season maintenance. Reynolds is here to help your mower last longer and run smoother.  If you don’t have the time to maintain your mower, allow us to do it for you with our expert John Deere Service – Anywhere, Anytime.

Sneha Jogi proudly represents Reynolds Farm Equipment as our summer Marketing Intern.  As the former Indiana FFA State Officer, Sneha has experienced a diverse range of opportunities that helped fuel her passion in the industry including 4-H and National Honors Society.

Sneha will be attending Purdue University in the fall to earn a degree in Agricultural Communications, Sales and Marketing, and International Studies in Agriculture. Sneha hopes her coursework throughout college and amplified passion for the agriculture industry will lead her to a career that shares the purpose of agriculture.

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