Lebanon Site Ground-Breaking Ceremony

Posted by Mike Lawson on

“I think what we’re about to do here today is very symbolic of what the family’s been about for 64 years, and that is turning the soil.” – Gary Reynolds, Owner & Chairman of the Board

CEO Mitch Frazier with ceremonial opening remarks.

With nearly a couple of days without rain, it was decided that it’s time to finally break ground. An empty, field of grass forefront of the Boone County Fairgrounds was where the Reynolds family, team leaders and staff met.

Both Gary Reynolds along with his sister, Mary Lawson, spoke briefly today on-site with those team and family members in attendance during the ceremony.

Family members Gary Reynolds & Mary Lawson speak to those in attendance.

“If you would join me in prayer, I’d like to pray over the site, and we’ll turn some dirt.” – Mitch Frazier, CEO Reynolds Farm Equipment

Mitch Frazier offers prayer during the ceremony.

Myers Construction Management, Inc., are the contracted builders, a local family-owned business that the Reynolds family has known for years.

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