Lawn Tractors, Mowers and Zero-Turns? What type of mower do I really need?

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Summertime has officially begun! Birds are chirping, the temperature is rising and the grass is growing. However, your current lawnmower just isn’t what it used to be.  It’s time to upgrade your mower to something that fits your needs. 

How do you pick your next mower and what are the best options? Here are some questions to ask yourself when making your decision:


    • What size is your lawn?  Push mowers are great for little lawns that need little love. However, anything bigger than .5 acre would recommend a mower with a seat.  Besides the basics of comfort, mowing time will be greatly reduced.


    • What will you be using your mower for?  If the goal is to just cut the grass, then a John Deere zero-turn mower is the direction to go. If you’re looking to carry, haul, move materials or work in the garden, the traditional John Deere lawn tractor is able to do by adding a wide range of attachments.


    • What does your backyard look like? Does your yard look like an obstacle course with lots of trees, ponds, landscaping, flowerbeds or kids playsets to maneuver around? Zero-turn mowers have a 180-degree turning radius allowing tighter turns while a regular lawn tractor has around 15 to 30 degrees of turning radius.



Have you ever heard of ZGlide Suspension? ZGlide Suspension forks improve the ride of zero turn mowers by using torsion technology to absorb shock generated from traveling over terrain rather than transferring it through the frame. The result is improved operator comfort and cut quality by reducing the amount of shock and bounce transferred to the mower deck.

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