Keep Warm with a John Deere Portable Heater

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Indiana saw its lowest recorded temperatures in decades in January 2019. With frigid temperatures comes the responsibility of maintaining areas that need and require heat. We have just the solution for the cold.

Right now, Reynolds has in-stock selection on two of our most popular heating sources that provide quick-starting, on-demand heat.

John Deere AC-190 Kerosene Fired Portable Heater

The AC-190 Kerosene Fired Portable Heater, with its rugged steel body supported by 10-inch pneumatic wheels has a built-in temperature control thermostat with control dial, digital temperature readout and electrode-type igniter. Its 190,000 BTU provides heat in an area of 4,300 square feet. Priced at only $399.

HR-18R Propane Radiant Portable Heater,

The more economical HR-18R Propane Radiant Portable Heater, heats a 600 square feet area with a maximum 65 hours of operation on a 20 lb. tank, using a secured fully insulated ignition connection. Priced at only $129.

Remember to always place any portable heater on flat, level surfaces and keeping it away from flammables.

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