How to Choose the Right Chainsaw

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With so many options of brands, sizes, power and the wealth of information found online, choosing the right saw can be a daunting task. It is important to select the right saw to ensure the job gets done quickly, efficiently, and safely.

The biggest question to ask when in the market for a new chainsaw is usage, said Brent Thomas, Reynolds Farm Equipment’s sales manager. Understanding how often someone will use the saw and what type of work they’ll do is essential.

Here are the top recommendations for saws based on use type.

  1. Homeowners – 12-14″ guide bar

    A light use chainsaw would be used occasionally by the homeowner for limbs, small trees, and the overall pruning of a well-manicured property. A 12-14″ guide bar would be the ideal size of a light use saw. An electric chainsaw is a good choice for a light use consumer, because they are lightweight, easy to start, and are less expensive than a gas or battery powered saw.

  2. Commercial or large property owner – 16-18″ guide bar

    A moderate use chainsaw would be used by farmers, large property owners and those using firewood for heat. A 16-18″ guide bar would be the ideal size of a moderate use saw. A gas powered chainsaw is a good choice for a moderate use consumer. It has more power and gets the job done quicker than a light use saw. Gas powered saws are heavier and require more strength to use. It is very important to make sure you can manage the size of saw you choose.

  3. Professional – longer than 20″ guide bar

    A heavy duty use chainsaw would be used by professionals on a daily basis for logging, land clearing, and big firewood cutting jobs. It is designed for cutting through large diameter wood such as thick tree trunks. A guide bar longer than 20″ is the typical size for a heavy duty saw. These saws have powerful gasoline engines and many ease of use features.

Whether you are homeowner, farmer or tree expert, it is best to seek the advice of an expert when selecting a new piece of equipment. Contact a member of the Reynolds team for a personalized demo today, and don’t forget it is important to remember safety gear, including heavy boots, protective chaps, gloves, hearing and face protection.

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