How Innovation is Changing Ag Business

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For years we’ve watched in awe as consumer technologies – everything from the iPad Pro to the latest internet of things smart kitchen appliance – make headlines with flashy launches and aggressive marketing campaigns. Whether it’s a new refrigerator that can create a grocery list on your phone or a watch that can track everything from the calories in the pizza at lunch to your latest email, the pace of innovation across our everyday life remains at an all time high.

What’s even more astounding is the pace of innovation is doing more than transforming our personal lives – it’s affecting our lives at work – especially in the ag business. Look at what has happened in the past year alone – we’ve seen planters that can accurately plant at more than 10 miles per hour, the explosive growth of farm productivity technology and an entirely new appreciation and approach to optimizing ag business.

National ag equipment expert Greg Peterson (@MachineryPete) AKAMachinery Pete recently spent time with Reynolds President and Owner Gary Reynolds to talk through the role of innovation in ag and how it is changing the face of the business.

Watch the full interview in the adjacent player and let us know how you see innovation changing your business using the hastag #AgFuture.

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