Five Things Farmers Need to Know About Reynolds Agronomy

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With #Harvest16 already underway, many producers are asking about Agronomic services and how best to optimize yields in the year ahead. Here’s a quick summary of the top five questions the Reynolds Agronomy team receives about our services, how we work with third-party providers and the value we bring to farmers.

1. I have been with my Ag service provider for 30 plus years. Why would I want to change now?

Our goal at Reynolds Agronomy is to compliment your existing relationships with Ag service providers. They are your “go to guys” for all your fertilizer needs. By providing custom and unbiased recommendations that help you reach your goals, we want to be your “go to guys” for all your agronomy needs. Variable rate application files are sent to your dealer smoothly ahead of when you want to make applications.

2. We have built up our soil fertility for many years and have our levels where we want them. How are you going to change what we have built?

We sample frequently and let the soil tests determine our recommendations based on your goals. Plant tissue sampling is used to check the plant response during the growing season.

3. What are some of the advantages of using Reynolds Agronomy?

Reynolds Agronomy provides independent recommendations that can be applied by any vendor you choose, and we are committed to delivering recommendations ahead of when you wish to apply material. If you fertilize in the fall, we sample in the spring and deliver recommendations in August to ensure your fall fertilizer and lime plans can be made before harvest. Our mission is to provide independent recommendations so that you can easily compare costs with different retailers. Our mission is to provide independent recommendations so that you can easily compare costs with different retailers and improve overall performance.

4. Do I have to be a John Deere customer to sign up with Reynolds Agronomy?

At Reynolds Agronomy, we work with all makes of equipment. While Reynolds Farm Equipment is a John Deere retailer, we started our agronomy service in 2013 to help Midwest farmers create greater return on their investment and optimize farm profitably. We do not sell anything other than our service.

5. How is your soil sampling protocol different from my Ag service providers?

We use zone based sampling rather than grid sampling. We map in-field soil variation, create management zones of the size you choose. We then build composite samples using 12 to 20 cores from each zone. We record all core locations so that the same composite sample can be accumulated the next time the zone is sampled. We sample frequently, usually every other year, to monitor soil fertility movement, based on our recommendations.

For more information about Reynolds Agronomy or to schedule an on-site consultation, contact a member a of Agronomy team today.

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