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Summer is almost over, but that doesn’t mean summer projects are. When it’s time to get to the bottom of your in-ground chores, John Deere has a strong, durable line of backhoes for Compact and Utility Tractors to take care of the job. These attachments are very versatile and can assist with digging, moving, removing, and lifting.

4 Projects a Compact Tractor Backhoe attachment can be used for:

Digging A Footer:

Footers are used to help in creating the underground foundation to a structure. If you plan on adding on to your house, such as a sunroom, garage, or additional rooms, then a footer might be necessary. A backhoe attachment can assist is making it easier to dig the footer.

Septic and Waterline Repair:

A backhoe attachment can dig and help to place parts when repairing a septic tank or waterline. Sometimes even plumbers use a backhoe when doing this task.

Running Electric Line:

If you’re building a pool or a barn, a backhoe attachment can be used to help dig paths to run underground electric line.

Stump Removal:

A backhoe attachment could be used to dig around and pick up an unwanted stump for your yard. Depending on the size of the stump, a larger backhoe might be needed. John Deere has a wide variety of attachments that are made for different utility tractors.

Aside from saving you time on your next digging project, John Deere backhoe’s are designed with maximum operator comfort in mind. These features keep the operator comfortable all day long when working on various projects.

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