Are Your Mower Blades Ready for Spring?

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Spring is right around the corner! That means getting your lawn mower ready to mow. One thing that is often overlooked is how sharp your mower blades are. You may just see that your mower is cutting grass but if your mower blade is not sharp enough, you might be harming your grass when you cut it.

Here are a few things to look for and what you should do to correct them:

Your Grass Looks Uneven

When your lawn mower blade is sharp, your grass should be cut at the same height every time with just one pass of the mower. If you notice that the tip of each grass blade is torn it is time to sharpen your blades. Torn tips may also decrease grass health, causing grass to lose its lush, green color and making you lawn more susceptible to harmful diseases.

Dented or Chipped Blades

Sometimes when you hit a foreign object with your mower, it might chip or dent the blade. Most of the time the blade can be sharpened back to normal. If it can’t, the blade will need to be replaced to ensure cut quality and safety. Routinely check your mower blades during the mowing season for dented and chipped mower blades

The Mower Blade Looks Thin or Broken

Over time, harmful debris can erode the blade, causing the metal to weaken and become paper-thin or start to break. This means it is time to replace your mower blade. Aligning a straight edge along the cutting edge will show just how much material has been removed from the blade by either wear or periodic sharpening.

Bent Blades

If you mower has multiple blades, take them off and stack them together. They should lay together. If there are gaps, that means the blade or blades are bent and it is time to replace them. It is best to replace all your blades on your mower at once to ensure even wear.

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