80/20 Talc and Graphite Blend: What You Need to Know

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Plain and simple, it has been a long winter season. As the pressure increases to get into the fields this spring, it ‘s easy to rush through setup when filling planters. One step that shouldn ‘t be skipped, is the addition of talc lubricant.

Talc is specially designed for today’s wide range of seed treatments to enhance seed flow in all weather conditions. It allows consistent seed release from the seed bowl and improves spacing accuracy as the seed is properly lubricated. Talc lubricant is required for optimum performance of the vacuum meter and CCS™ system.

John Deere’s NEW 80/20 Talc and Graphite-Blend minimize gummy deposit buildups caused by seed treatments and high humidity on seed disks and cups. This high-grade product is 97% pure and offers the benefits of seed coating and lubrication for vacuum seed meters.

Features and benefits of John Deere ‘s 80/20 Talc and Graphite-Blend

  • John Deere talc formulation was specifically designed by John Deere Seeding engineers and seed experts to offer the best value and most effective product on the market;
  • Talc decreases static electricity in vacuum planters and air seeders.
  • Talc is an exceptional lubricant for seed meters and creates a coating to minimize buildup of gummy deposits on seed disks and seed cups caused by seed treatments and high humidity;
  • Dense, smaller particle characteristics of John Deere talc allows it to spread easier and coat each seed more completely-resulting in using less;
  • Talc enhances seed flowability to help provide an even stand in your field; and
  • Mined in the USA and is 97% pure.

John Deere ‘s 80/20 Talc and Graphite-Blend comes in 5 gal. (TY16534) and 2.5 gal. (TY16533) containers and is available at any of our Central Indiana Reynolds Farm Equipment locations. Give us a call or stop in to pick yours up before it ‘s too late!

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