7 Maintenance Tips to Get Your Mower Ready for Spring

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Spring is almost upon us. It is starting to slowly get warmer which means that grass will start growing. Soon enough you will be getting your mower out for inspection before mowing. Here are some key maintenance checks and tips before the mowing season starts.

  1. Check the Oil
    Your lawn mower’s oil is one of the most critical engine maintenance checks. Monitor your oil level in your mower every mowing season. If the oil has debris in it or is starting to look black, it means it is time to change the oil. For best results, it is recommended to change the oil before the mowing season starts each year or check your owner’s manual for hour oil change intervals.
  2. Check the Oil Filter
    Another key check is the oil filter. The oil filter keeps debris and large particles out of your oil. It is best to change your oil filter once per mowing season or as often as your owner’s manual recommends. If you are changing the oil, you should also replace the oil filter the same time.
  3. Check the Fuel Filter
    Your fuel filter keeps your carburetor free from foreign particles that may clog it. If it is not changed in the correct intervals, your mower may stall out or be hard to start. It is best to change your fuel filter at the beginning of each mowing season or at the intervals listed in your owner’s manual.
  4. Check the Air Filter
    Air filters keep a mower operating at best performance. When an air filter gets dirty or clogged, it puts more stress on the engine causing it to burn more gas. A clean air filter allows the engine to run cooler and last longer. This should be changed on your mower every year or recommended by your operator’s manual
  5. How is the Spark Plug?
    Is your mower hard to start or does it die out? There is a good chance it is a bad spark plug. Changing your spark plug every year will ensure an easy start.
  6. Clean Under the Mower Deck
    As you mow, especially in wet conditions, grass clippings can get stuck in your mower deck. This can rust your deck or clog the discharge chute over time if not cleaned. If you didn’t clean the inside of your mower deck before storing it for winter, you should do this now before mowing for each season.
  7. Inspect Your Mower Blades
    Inspect your mower blades before the mowing season starts. Check to see if dents or chips are present or if the blade looks bent. If so, it is best to replace the blade. If your mower has mower than one blade, you should replace all the blades at once to have consistent wear across all the blades.

A John Deere Home Maintenance Kit includes: Oil, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter and Spark Plugs.

Let Us Get Your Mower Ready for Spring

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