5 Simple Steps to Make Your Mower Great This Weekend

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With recent rains and great growing weather, lawnmowers will undoubtedly get a workout this weekend. Watch the video below to see the five simple steps you can take before and after mowing to ensure your mow is trouble free. Thanks to John Deere-certified technician Aaron Rinhart for the advice and insights.

Here are the highlights

  1. Check the oil.
  2. Check tire pressure.
  3. Check your blades. Ensure all blades are not bent and sharp. If in doubt, replace them.
  4. Check the blade spindles. Watch the video for a great tip on how to check these.
  5. Check for level. Ensure your deck is cutting level to prevent scalping and uneven cutting. Watch the video to see the simple tool Aaron uses to check for level.

Aaron also recommends blowing off your mower after you wrap up this weekend’s mow and washing the underside of the mower deck to prevent buildup of clippings.

Getting new blades or any of the tools Aaron uses throughout the video is fast and easy. Simply visit one of our convenient locations or shop online.

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