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ExactEmerge Planter | 5 Reasons to Upgrade

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With the Seed and Spray ’18 Clinic wrapping up, it’s time to think about how to improve spring’s yield and overall planting experience. Upgrading to an ExactEmerge planter may be the answer to these questions. Here are 5 important reasons to upgrade to ExactEmerge:

Outstanding Depth Consistency

Because of the BrushBelt system’s true center seed drop, depth control on ExactEmerge units is excellent. Uniform emergence resulting from consistent planting depths results in higher yields and, again, higher profits.

Low Spacing Coefficient of Variation

The BrushBelt seed delivery system rearward speed equals the planter’s forward speed, meaning the seed drop is consistent no matter the operating speed. This creates a coefficient of variation less than 0.25, providing ideal yield potential. This exceptional yield will earn farmers higher profits in a time where any and all earnings are significant.

Soybean Singulation Ability

The first planter truly able to singulate soybean seeds, ExactEmerge units will save incredible amounts in seed expenses. The electric motors spare farmers from 2-8% in seed costs, equaling a significant amount of savings with great yield results.

Pre-Planting Testing Capability

SeedStar 3 HP permits either full planter or individual row runoff for pre-planting tests. This capability helps address issues with 3 HP monitoring and identifies problems before you reach the field, meaning less down time when it counts.

100% Faster Planting

Seed placement performance is maintained at speeds up to 10mph. The speed capability of ExactEmerge row units means more productivity, which translates to more acres per day.

Planter models 1775NT, 1795, 1725 CCS and select DB machines are all compatible with ExactEmerge row units. Contact your local Reynolds Farm Equipment today to learn more about the advantages of an ExactEmerge planter and how this 2018 can be your most efficient season yet.


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