5 Reasons STIHL Lightning Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift

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With the Holiday season among us, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with dinner parties, overplayed songs on the radio, television specials and finding the perfect gift. Of course, the opportunity of spending overdue time with our loved ones is the real gift, STIHL Lightning Battery System™ makes the push for the perfect holiday gift. From the landscaping professional to the weekend warrior, STIHL Lightning strikes the balance of performance, features, and value.

These are the top 5 reasons that STIHL Lightening makes the perfect gift this holiday:


STIHL Lightning Chainsaws and Lightening Blowers weigh a maximum of 10lbs, making them easier than ever to maneuver. This lightweight quality makes operating at higher levels or for a longer period more comfortable.

Battery Operated

These battery-operated tools don’t require a specific fuel mix, only an outlet! AIl products feature an integrated battery, great performance and enough run time to take care of jobs around the house on a single charge.

Simple to Use

STIHL Lightning Chainsaws and Blowers are simple to use with the click of a button and a safety lock or handle.

Serves all Purposes

STIHL Lightning is available in three tiers of performance, including occasional use, frequent and extensive. This allows the customer to purchase a tool with features that best fit their needs.

Minimal Maintenance:

These battery-operated tools are easier than ever to maintain. Because no fuel is necessary, storage for the winter is simple. Chainsaws have wrench-free adjustable chains and replaceable blades!

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