4 Reasons Why Central Indiana Corn Growers Should Invest in Irrigation

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Irrigation systems are a true game changer when it comes corn production. However, not every corn producer has a reliable system. Why? Today there is a misconception and an objection that arises around irrigation systems: "Most Indiana summers produce enough rain to produce good crops". However, simple research into the history of droughts in Indiana will show that the Hoosier state has experienced a moderate to extreme drought for five consecutive years beginning in 2010.

Since the general purpose of an irrigation system is to mitigate crop stress, a central Indiana corn producer thinks of adding an irrigation system, can only provide additional water when needed. So, the question is, why should Central Indiana farmers invest in an irrigation system?

Here are four quick reasons:

Economically and efficiently provide plant nutrition and crop protection

Not only will the system supply water to the crop when Mother Nature doesn’t, but it can also be used to directly apply major and secondary nutrients. Irrigation systems can apply these nutrients at the most effective stage of growth.

Temperature control

Irrigation systems allow some control over the temperature in the microclimate where the crop is growing, whether that’s cooling during hot spells or increasing the temperature in early spring cold periods. The difference between a few degrees can impact the stress level and yields of a crop.

Aid in germination and crop emergence

For germination to occur, crops must absorb water. A proper irrigation system can speed up the process of germination, thus quickening emergence.

Higher yields

Most people are aware that the world population will reach 9.7 billion by 2050. What most aren’t aware of is that to feed this population, food production must double. To double production, 70% of crops need to be irrigated to produce higher yields. Individually, farmers must maximize yields to remain competitive and profitable.

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