4 Easy Steps: Changing Your Engine Oil on John Deere 1 Series Compact Utility Tractor

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Routine maintenance on your 1E or 1R Series Compact Tractor is a must. In fact, John Deere recommends replacing the oil and filter every 200 hours and annually if less than 200 hours of operation. Clean oil is critical in the longevity of your machine, as it allows the internal parts of the engine to work together effectively without overheating. In four easy steps, changing the oil in your 1E or 1R Series Compact Tractor has never been easier and will get your compact back to work doing what it does best, taking on the dozens of jobs your property demands.

4 Easy Steps: Changing Your Engine Oil and Filter:

Equipment Needed:

Remove Right Side Panel

After running the engine for a few minutes to warm the oil, turn off the ignition and raise the hood.

Drain the Oil

Remove the oil plug and let it drain completely. Don’t forget to place a drain pan under the plug, otherwise, you will have a mess! After the oil is drained, replace the plug making sure not to overtighten.

Install Filter

Using your filter wrench remove the old filter. Remember, Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty. Before installing the new filter, apply some clean oil to the top then screw it. Tighten to a solid contact and be sure to wipe away any loose dirt.

Add New Oil

Add 2.7 L of John Deere Plus-50 II 15W40 Oil to the machine’s crankcase. Start the engine, and check for leaks. If you need to top off your 1025R make sure the engine is turned off.

After you install the right side panel and shut the hood, your compact tractor is ready to go. If you need maintenance products or any of the parts mentioned above, the Reynolds Parts Department is ready to assist.

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