New 2030A ProGator™ Utility Vehicle

Gator Turf Vehicles
Key Features
  • High-torque diesel engine
  • Thick 7-gauge steel frame
  • Car-like transmission
  • New disc brakes

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High-payload capacity to handle the tough tasks
ProGator payloadProGator payload

Maintaining a golf course is a very demanding job, from filling bunkers to hauling landscape rock to spraying 300 gal. (1135 L) of water on fairways. Demanding jobs require rugged vehicles that are up to the challenge of high-payload capacities, and the ProGator™ 2030A delivers.


The ProGator 2030A offers a versatile package, including attachments that can be removed and installed in minutes without tools, such as the SelectSpray™ Series, TD100 Topdresser, and cargo box. Optional heavy-duty front- and rear-suspensions, when combined with the four-post rollover protection structure (ROPS) and wide rear tire kit, provide payload capacity that exceeds two tons. Payload capacities are as follows:


CapacitiesProGator 2030A
Payload capacity (including 200-lb [90.7-kg] operator, 200-lb [90.7-kg] passenger, and loaded attachment), lb (kg) 
2WD with standard suspension and two-post ROPS3,514 lb (1,594 kg)
4WD with standard suspension and two-post ROPS3,384 lb (1,535 kg)
2WD with heavy-duty suspension, wide rear tire kit, and four-post ROPS4,255 lb (1,930 kg)
4WD with heavy-duty suspension, wide rear tire kit, and four-post ROPS4,125 lb (1,871 kg)
Flip up seats
Flip up seat (passenger side)Flip up seat (passenger side)
Flip up seats (passenger and driver sides)Flip up seats (passenger and driver sides)
  • Flip up seats are now available.
    • Flip up seats are standard for both passenger and driver sides.
    • Standard for both 2030A and 2020A models.
    • Easy to flip up to keep seat clean and dry.
Hydraulically actuated front and rear disk brakes for plenty of stopping power
Disk brake overviewDisk brake overview

The ProGator™ features a premium disk braking system that consists of four, 7.5-in. (190.5-mm), disks. The disks are cast from vibration-resistant G3000 grey iron and four identical single-piston floating calipers. The brakes are hydraulically actuated for easy pedal effort and excellent performance.


The service linings are constructed of a proprietary noise-resistant organic blend for an excellent mix of life and performance. Brake pedal feel is enhanced with large caliper pistons and flexible brake lines improve routing efficiency and allow for ease of service.


The parking brake lever is conveniently located in the center of the operator station and features a pistol grip handle for maximum comfort and ease of use. The parking brake system utilizes a ball ramp-style mechanism, meaning no adjustment at the mechanism itself, only at the equalizer.

ProGator™ roof kit with mirror and rear panel kit
Canopy kit with rear view mirror and rear panel kitCanopy kit with rear view mirror and rear panel kit
Canopy kit with rear view mirror and rear panel kitCanopy kit with rear view mirror and rear panel kit

The ProGator™ 2020A and 2030A now feature an optional roof with rear view mirror and separately a rear panel with glass. The roof provides overhead relief from the sun and rain while performing golf course and sports turf tasks. Easy install and high functionality make this a must for every grower.


Whether spraying, topdressing or hauling, these kits will make the job easier.




The roof kit is designed to fit onto either a four-post rollover protective structure (ROPS) or standard ROPS. It offers shade for the operator from the sun and provides an environment conducive to viewing displays used for spraying activities. The rear view mirror is part of the kit and increases the viewable area behind the vehicle and aids in viewing the right side boom when the HD200/HD300 Sprayer is installed.


The rear panel kit is designed to be used in conjunction with the roof kit, or separately by itself. Operators can expect some noise dampening and relief from chaff and airborne debris when using the rear panel kit.

Air cleaner position and indicator
Air restriction indicatorAir restriction indicator
New air cleaner and positionNew air cleaner and position
  • New air cleaner
    • Serviceable without raising vehicle bed.
    • Increased from a 4-in. filter to a 5-in. filter.
  • Air restriction indicator
    • Has been moved to the right side of unit, now found outside of frame.
    • Easier access for daily check and evaluation activities.
Tier IV compliant engine
Model Year 2015 ProGator 2030A with Tier IV EngineModel Year 2015 ProGator 2030A with Tier IV Engine
  • Tier IV compliant engine
    • An increase of 1.5hp (1.12kw) over previous model year.
  • Exhaust muffler has been rerouted.



Muffler is now oriented in a horizontal position that will eliminate browning of turf when unit is parked on turf when running

Large, turf-friendly wheels and tires
Standard rear wheel and tireStandard rear wheel and tire
Front wheel and tireFront wheel and tire

These are the largest standard-sized tires in the market for optimum ground clearance, traction performance, and weight distribution:

  • Front 23x10.50-12 steering tires
  • Rear 26x12.00-12 drive tires
  • Optional 26x14.00-12 rear drive tires for a wider footprint and increased load carrying capacity when using sprayers and topdressers
  • 4-ply ratings that improve wear characteristics and provide extra protection against flat tires
  • Versatile turf tread design for good traction without damaging the turf
Additional tire and wheel options for turf applications
Additional tire and wheel options for turf applicationsAdditional tire and wheel options for turf applications
  • Smooth front 22x9.50-12 front steering tires offer reduced turf damage. Traction in some conditions will be limited.
  • Smooth rear 26x14.00-12 rear drive tires for a wider footprint where the least amount of turf damage is required, which is helpful for sprayer applications on the greens. Traction in some conditions will be limited.
  • Fairway rear 26x14.00-12 drive tires offer a wide footprint with minimal turf damage when sprayers or topdressers are used.
  • 4-ply ratings offer increased load carrying capacity with improved wear characteristics and provide extra protection against flat tires.
  • Required tire option can be declared during machine configuration.
Easy-to-use cargo box with optional bedliner for tough hauling tasks

The ProGator™ heavy-duty utility vehicles feature an optional cargo box for hauling items on the golf course. The cargo box attaches to the ProGator easily, utilizing only two rear pivot pins and one lift cylinder pin. This allows quick and easy changes between ProGator attachments.


A 16-gauge steel frame provides added strength and durability. A standard hydraulic lift and lower cylinder allow for easy lifting of the cargo box to dump sand and other items from the cargo box quickly and easily. 


The optional tailgate release kit allows for a dump truck mode, where the tailgate automatically opens from the bottom when the tailgate is raised to allow items to flow out of the box. The tailgate then automatically closes when the box is lowered for fast and efficient operation.

Cargo box pin system and striker plateCargo box pin system and striker plate
Cargo box in locked positionCargo box in locked position

For normal tailgate operation, opening and closing the tailgate is easier than ever. An innovative retractable pin system is the key. A spring-loaded L-pin is located on each end of the cargo box. 


To open the cargo box, simply pull the L-pins inward and lower the tailgate. Closing the tailgate is even easier. The angled striker plate design allows the L-pins to automatically retract when shutting the tailgate. When the cargo box is fully closed, the springs will pull the pins into their locking position. This allows for a one-handed closing of the tailgate, similar to that of a pick-up truck. 

ProGator A Series bedlinerProGator A Series bedliner

A bedliner can be ordered as an optional attachment for the ProGator machines. The high-density polyethylene bedliner is stamped with the John Deere logo and protects the steel cargo box and paint from dirt and debris.


The bedliner is designed to wrap around the bottom of the tailgate, preventing gravel and other debris from getting trapped under the bedliner. The bedliner ribs are tapered, allowing materials to flow freely out of the cargo box when it is lifted or being cleaned.

Model year 2017 ProGator 2020A and 2030A updates with feature improvements
ProGator 2030AProGator 2030A
ProGator 2030AProGator 2030A
  • New four-wheel drive (4WD) shift linkage is adjustable to compensate for linkage wear.
  • More efficient cooling due to a new aluminum radiator that provides more efficient cooling.
  • Improved console shift bracket ensures sure, firm shifting.
  • New, quieter cooling fan provides decreased noise when parked.
Zero grease points on two-wheel drive (2WD) machines for quick and easy maintenance

Routine maintenance can often require additional hours for a technician. With sealed bearings throughout the machine, the ProGator™ will save the technician plenty of time. 2WD machines feature all sealed bearings and no grease zerks, while four-wheel drive (4WD) machines have only three grease points on the 4WD shaft.

Brake fluid fillBrake fluid fill

Filling brake fluid is also quick and easy and requires no tools. The front grille of the ProGator is removed simply by pulling it outward from the front of the machine, providing easy access to the brake fluid reservoir. All other daily service points are accessed by simply lifting the cargo box and securing with the lift cylinder safety support. This provides quick access to the coolant level check, engine oil dipstick, and air-restriction indicator.

Powerful 22.1-hp (16.5-kW)*, 1115-cc diesel engine for heavy-duty work
Diesel engineDiesel engine

Working with higher payloads requires a tough power plant. A powerful 22.1-hp (16.5-kW), 1115-cc diesel engine is the heart and soul of this strong package. Featuring a liquid-cooled system, overhead valves, and full-pressure lubrication, this diesel engine provides power in a reliable and durable package.

Fuel tankFuel tank

The engine package features a large 8-US gal. (30.3-L), Environmental Protection Agency-compliant fuel tank, providing plenty of on-board fuel for those long days of spraying fairways and roughs with minimal stops to refuel. And on those long days, operators appreciate comfort and minimized vibration. The engine mounting system is rubber isolated to reduce vibration at the operator station, enhancing operator comfort for the long haul. Automatic glow plugs and direct fuel injection provide for more efficient combustion and easier starting on cold, early mornings.

Rain cap and air filterRain cap and air filter

To protect the engine, a canister-style, replaceable air filter and standard rain cap limits the amount of debris and water exposure, leading to long, durable life. When working in tough, dusty environments, a standard air-restriction indicator provides guidance as to when the air filter may be plugged.

* Engine horsepower is provided by the engine manufacturer for comparison purposes only. Actual operating horsepower will be less.


Tipo de motor 1115 cc
3 cilindros, diésel
Potencia del motor 24 CV
Capacidad nominal* 1184 kg
Capacidad de la caja de transporte (calculada) 876 kg

Accessories and Attachments

Auxiliary Hydraulics

Auxiliary Hydraulic Kit - TCB11078

Provides hydraulic power to operate the Vicon® 403 Spreader, the HD200 Sprayer, TD100 Top Dresser, and other attachments equipped with hydraulic motors.


Vicon is a U.S.-registered trademark of Vicon N.V. Corporation.

Auxiliary Hydraulic Kit - BTC10542


4-Post Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) Conversion Kit (Green) - BTC10091
Armrest Kit (One Set) - BM20003

Kit includes cushioned support for armrests for one ProGator™ seat. May be used on operator or passenger seat.

Canopy kit with rear view mirror, ProGator - BTC10943
Cargo Box - BTC10262
Cargo Box Bedliner - VGB10040

This high-density polyethylene bedliner is stamped with the John Deere logo and protects the cargo box from dirt and debris.


The bedliner is designed to wrap around the bottom of the tailgate, which prevents gravel and debris from getting trapped under the bedliner. The bedliner ribs are also tapered at an angle, which allows dirt to flow freely when the cargo box is being lifted.

Cushman Core Harvester Adapter Kit - VGB10027

This kit easily adapts the Cushman Core Harvester to the ProGatorTM  cargo box for the smooth pickup of cores after aeration.


For an even steadier pickup of cores, install the throttle governor control kit BM19955.

Cushman is a U.S.-registered trademark of Cushman Inc., a Textron company.

Fairway Rear (2) Tires and (2) Wheels, 26 by 14-12 (4 PR) - BTC10097
Heavy-Duty Front Spring Kit - BM20433

The leaf spring kit is required when installing the cab (0180TC) on the ProGator™ Utility Vehicle. The kit strengthens the front suspension of the vehicle to support the additional weight of the cab.

Heavy-Duty Rear Spring Kit - TCB10910
Mud Flaps Kit - VGB10047

These mud flaps are molded to fit the ProGator™ Utility Vehicles and have a black finish. They offer the toughest protection and are easy to install. Each kit contains two mud flaps.

Multi-Purpose Platform - VGB10050

The improved multipurpose platform (MPP) provides a platform and mounting points needed for the fifth-wheel hitch, Vicon Spreader, and other attachments used on the ProGator™ Utility Vehicle.


The fifth-wheel hitch mounting point is low to accommodate even more tow-behind attachments, and the MPP can be raised and lowered for service with the release of two latches on the side. The cargo box must be removed before installing the MPP.

Quick-Connect Kit - VGB10058

The quick-connect kit offers a no-tools connection between the ProGator™ lift circuit and the lift cylinder hose of the TC125.

Each kit provides fittings and parts for one port only.

Rear Panel Kit, ProGator - BTC10944
Rear Receiver Hitch Kit - HDUV (Heavy-Duty Utility Vehicles) - BM20502

This versatile receive-type hitch accepts a 1.25-in. drawbar for towing applications.


Both the ProGator™ 2020 and ProGator 2030 have a 1500-lb (680-kg) towing capacity.


The drawbar or hitch ball needs to be ordered separately.

  • 1-7/8-in. hitch ball (PM05101)
  • 2-in. hitch ball (PM05201)


See receiver drawbar kit for additional information.

Smooth Front (2) Wheels and (2)Tires, 22 by 9.50-12 (4 PR) - BTC10095
Smooth Rear (2) Tires and (2) Wheels, 26 by 14-12 (4 PR) - BTC10096
Tailgate Release Kit - BM19954

Tailgate releases from the operator's seat.

Throttle and Governor Control Kit - BM19955

Controls the speed of the ProGator™ Utility Vehicle while driving. This is especially useful with spraying and top dressing applications.

Turn Signal Kit - BTC10507
Vicon Spreader Mounting Kit - VGB10051
Vicon PS 403 Spreader mounting kitVicon PS 403 Spreader mounting kit

The Vicon PS 403 Spreader mounting kit provides simple installation and removal of the Vicon PS 403 Spreader--with just two pins and a latch. This kit also allows the multipurpose platform (VGB10050) to be raised and lowered while the Vicon Spreader is still mounted for easier serviceability of the ProGator™ Heavy-Duty Utility Vehicle.


Vicon is a U.S.-registered trademark of Vicon N.V. Corporation.

Wide Rear Multi-Trac (2) Tires and (2) Wheels, 26 x 14-12 (4 PR) - BM20705

Rear tires (26 x 14-22) that are 2 in. wider than the standard tires. The wider tire will leave less of a footprint.

Work Light Kit - BM19776

Work light kit includes two front and one rear work light.


John Deere Golf Operator Videos and All Products Safety Video DVD Set - TCU23674