Introducing Z-Glide™ Suspension for John Deere Commercial Mowers

Make Your John Deere Mower Even Better

Smooth out the ride of your John Deere Z900-series (Z915-Z970) mower with ZGlide Suspension. These easy-to-install direct replacement forks are a great way to upgrade the ride of your mower, and they take less than an hour to install. See how to easily install the ZGlide suspension on a John Deere commercial zero turn mower in the video to the right.

Standard ZGlide Suspension Fork Kit
The standard ZGlide Suspension kit comes complete with 2 suspension forks, 2 new axle bolts, two axle nuts and a quick reference installation guide.
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Deluxe ZGlide Suspension Fork Kit
The Deluxe ZGlide Suspension kit provides the critical tools and supplies needed to make installing ZGlide even easier. The kit includes everything in the Standard Kit and a John Deere pistol grip grease gun, grease, John Deere mower deck leveling gauge and a fork socket.
$449 (You Save $25)
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Premium ZGlide Suspension Fork Kit
The Premium ZGlide Suspension kit adds top of the line comfort and performance with the addition of Michelin Tweels to complete the suspension package. (Learn more about Tweels here.) The Premium kit includes everything in the Deluxe ZGlide Suspension kit.
$1399 (You Save $175)
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How ZGlide Works

ZGlide Suspension is a patent-pending front fork technology designed specifically for use on John Deere commercial zero turn mowers. The fork uses torsion technology embedded in fork to eliminate terrain-generated vibration from being transferred from the ground into the machine and ultimately on to the operator.