Introducing Z-Glide™ Suspension for John Deere Commercial Mowers

Patent-pending Suspension Fork Improves Operator Comfort Without Reducing Cut Quality

Available exclusively from Reynolds Farm Equipment, Z-Glide™ front suspension forks for John Deere commercial mowers provide a direct replacement for OEM front forks that improve operator comfort without reducing quality of cut.

Made in America, the patent-pending Z-Glide™ suspension forks use torsion technology to provide a fully integrated in-fork suspension that reduces vibrations and bouncing associated with machine operation on rough or uneven terrain. The forks can be installed in less than an hour with basic hand tools.

Z-Glide™ suspension is available for pre-order for Z900-series of John Deere commercial mowers. The Z-Glide™ forks are expected to be available in March 2017, and additional models are expected to be added throughout 2017.

Complete the form on this page to lock in 2017 launch pricing ($399 + shipping) today.*

*No payment is due until units are available. Those who reserve units will receive updates on the status of fork production via email. Units are expected to be available beginning in March 2017. Contact Reynolds Farm Equipment for additional details.