Golf & Turf

At Reynolds Farm Equipment, we recognize the specific needs of the Golf & Turf industry. We take pride in being able to help advance the quality of courses across the nation, from the tee to the putting green. Caring for a course can take a lot of time and energy from a person. If you are looking to increase efficiently while still maintaining the utmost in quality, then welcome to the Reynolds Farm Equipment family.

Our tradition of growth, progress, and service is put to work to ensure consistent customer satisfaction and superior product quality. John Deere machines are just as much a part of golf as a 9-iron. The smell of a fresh clipped fairway from an E-Cut Hybrid Mower. The lushness of a recently aerated green from the Aercore 1500. The challenge of a raked sand trap from one of our bunker rakes. It’s all possible with the quality Golf & Turf equipment from Reynolds Farm Equipment.

At Reynolds locations, we proudly recommend the John Deere Aercore 1500 aerator to our family of Golf &Turf customers. This machine is the pinnacle of simplicity and superior performance. It is able to produce over 900,000 holes per hour at a maximum depth of 4”. The Aercore 1500 features fiberglass reinforced belts for a quieter operation, all without sacrificing quality.

At Reynolds Farm Equipment, we know the needs of our customers. We strive to provide the tools necessary to keep your Golf & Turf operations efficient and profitable. In addition, we want to make sure those tools stand the test of time. Schedule your next service call today here!

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