With over fifty years of rich heritage, our employees at Reynolds Farm Equipment continue to provide customers with superior quality products and service. We are committed to integrity, quality, and innovation throughout all areas of our company.

At Reynolds, we are deeply committed to our customers. They know when doing business with us that they are buying more than just a product. They are investing in us and our commitment to the marketplace. They know we will be there through their journey with John Deere by maintaining and servicing products long after they are purchased.

Reynolds Farm Equipment sells the highest quality equipment on the market. Our agricultural products include a full line of John Deere tractors, implements, combines, and attachments. We also offer many products that increase efficiency, safety, and comfort for the equipment that we sell.

In today’s world, technology is advancing to new heights. Luckily, innovation is a way of life at Reynolds Farm Equipment. We are proud to offer our customers groundbreaking technologies to maximize their profits and make their agriculture tasks easier and more efficient than ever.

New to John Deere and to Reynolds is the S-Series Combine which features best in class power, a 400-bushel grain tank, ProDrive™ system, flexible cab options and much more. The result; the perfect balance between front end equipment and machine power. Reynolds innovation at work.

Most importantly, Reynolds offers unsurpassed customer service. In rural America, trust can mean everything. We take that very seriously here at Reynolds. Not only do we have an exceptional service department , but we also offer our customers a 24-hour on-call service as well as highly experienced road technicians that you can rely on. Because at Reynolds, we know green!

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